Friday, 10 August 2012

Stitching day

What a beautiful day!.... Stitching, Food, Friends, Fundraising.
There were over 30 people here for  lunch and a small stitching project all to help raise money for the starlight children's foundation. We raised $465.65 which was fantastic.
Of course I had some wonderful helpers including this one....isn't she sweet!
this was sweet too.....
Busy stitching with a little help from cardy.
Guess how many items in the jar.....have a go, I might send you a suprise if you get it right...Cardy, your not included!!
some prizes from my mini raffle
from Anni Downs, The Simple Life.

zippered bags and a hand towel
Not a raffle prize.... kit from the quilt show...finished and in use! Just Love Anni!
My 'Life is what you make it', from Anni's book 

 Kits ready to stitch... but alas I didn't take any photos of completed projects..It was a felt pincushion.

And lastly.... meet young William, just 9 days old and OH so Cute... I met him for the 1st time today!!
I can feel another baby quilt coming on ....
I'm oh so tired... Its been a Big day!  But thanks to friends like Cardy a very successful one.
Now only 7 days till the Rally....looking forward to bashing about in the bush!
Fairy floss


  1. Looks like a great day - glad it went off well for you!

  2. What a fantastic event - please come do one in Mudgee! Friends, food and stitching certainly is the perfect combination. Well done.

  3. Hi Lea...what a wonderful day full of friends, fun & stitching...Can I come to Mudgee too if you go? I think we are all 'Anni' fans ha ha...Have fun bashing in the bush!!!

    Can I guess 40 items for the jar!

  4. oh recognise a few faces there..........looks like a great your super host helper.........

  5. oh I forgot to guess........41.........

  6. Looks like you had a successful day!!! My guess 53!

  7. Just a Hint.... there are buttons, hooks and eyes, safety pins. A card of 40 pins on the top! ... Guesses on the day ranged from 120 to 770!.. keep trying..

  8. geeze your making it hard...............171

  9. Oh that jar is evil hard to guess cause Floss was quite sneaky! It was a GREAT day! Fun project, lots of happy faces...Floss-you could have them regularly!!! Is that screaming I hear???

  10. What a fantastic day and nice to see a "girly" way of raising funds towards the bash. Lucky you to have a great helper on the day. I'll guess 153.

  11. It was my birthday, I could have joined the party ! Well done, great effort ! Things in the jar 845 !

  12. What a fantastic day - looks like heaps of fun and congrats on the money that you raised. Have fun on your bash. xxx

  13. What a great idea..sounds like the perfect day...great photos.....what about 171

  14. sound like a fab day was had by all.... 172 my guess


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