Thursday, 15 January 2015

whoops… dropped off the planet! (AGAIN)

How time flies when you don't  do a post!… But I'm back!
I have joined in with Chookyblue's stitch- a-long so if I don't hurry up and post regularly … I'll get kicked off the island!!  lol

There hasn't been a lot of stitching to report on…. But I did have a lovely day recently with a few stitching buddies.
Raelee from wish2stitch had a quilt frame warming…we had to go and admire her fabulous new quilt frame… OH what a frame it is too!!…there will be no stopping her now!!

 I worked on a tablecloth… it is a looong way around.. but I'm getting there… thought I might do some hardanger embroidery on it too.
 I've made a 'sew together bag'.. it was fun!!

 Started  the January project for the stitch-a-long while I waited for an appointment...
 But came to an abrupt halt after having cataract surgery today…. now I'm seeing double.. so I guess I could stitch twice as fast!!

I think I look a bit too happy here….but I do have great expectations that I'll be able to see better than ever when I loose the glamorous  plastic eyepatch!.. well fingers x'ed.
till next time
cheers Floss