Monday, 29 October 2012

A ride in the country

Thursday we arrived in Lancaster County.

The markets in Lancaster were beautiful.....

We were very privileged to be the Last group to tour the quilt museum as it has closed down.
I'm in love with all things Amish now.....can feel a new quilt coming on......

Saturday was spent at the quaint little town of Intercourse, Pennsylvania. The heart of Amish country.

Lots of quilts and crafty shops, so there was a boost to the economy from a small Aussie contingent.

It was fabulous to see the Amish driving in their buggies, riding on their scooters and working their farms with horse teams......They don't like having their photos this is a graven we had to be sneaky to get our pictures.
The girls were a bit obsessed with the clothes had me snapping away!

The afternoon was spent having a cooking class...making whoopee pies....very a large soft Monty Carlo!

-Well thats all for now..I have to stitch.....we have set up the Cottage on the Hill, Washington the lobby of the Omni, Shoreham Hotel

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Let it snow

it's snowing in Washington....but it's too wet to see it! ...I don't know how they know it's snow!

bailed up in a fabulous hotel....Onmi Shoreham...800+ rooms, 3 restaurants, shops, and a awesome lobby......also a generator enforced lay day....but who's complaining? ...
We have stitching..whoopee pies...and good company!

No trains, buses, gov agencies, schools open.....lots of rain ..but the storm will not hit us for a few hours....

We arrived yesterday by train and quickly dashed out to see what we could before Sandy hit.

Walked for miles, from Union Station to Capitol Hill then approx 1 mile past the museums to the Washington Monument, then to The White House....As we passed....police dashed out and blocked off the road...a motorcade of 6 cars exited..but it wasn't Obama...he has about 24 cars when he goes anywhere....still could have been him!! close!

Washington reminds me a lot of Canberra only a Lot bigger!
it is beautiful but soooo different to NY.

to finish...a squirrel cute!

Location:Washington DC

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

sore feet in NY

Today started with negotiating the subway to Tiffany's to eat bagels and coffee outside the store.(it wasn't 5am though) Then a little retail therapy inside.


Walking the 20 or so blocks back to our hotel..down 5th avenue and all the fabulous designer stores.
We are staying near the garment district and today I discovered a whole street of fabric shops, so crowded with materials it was difficult to move around inside the store.( not patchwork fabric though) mostly evening and bridal fabrics...still I loved looking!

NY material from the city quilter.

a walk across the Brooklyn bridge

Visit to St Paul's Chapel, the church beside the World Trade Centre that survived the 9/11 attacks. It was extremely moving, and filled with tributes and stories about the victims.... Such a beautiful old church built in 1766.

to top off the day, Kerry and I walked very briskly up to Times Square ( just 7 blocks this time!) to see Jersey Boys....which had us singing and dancing in our seats! On our walk home we discovered a bar called ' Stitches' so had to stop for dinner and a wine.
Another exciting and busy day in the Big Apple.
Tomorrow we catch a train to Lancaster...Amish country...and hopefully a slower pace.
Till next time

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Location:New York

Monday, 22 October 2012

Sleepless in NewYork

I don't know about Seattle... But I can't sleep in New York!
Donna and I are getting a terrible reputation for not waking in the mornings. Tomorrow ( which is now today) we have 2 alarms set and 2 wake up calls!
Explored NY today, on a open top bus. last night went to the Empire State building ( and nearly got Blown away!)
Today (its now 3am) it's Central Park and Brooklyn.
When I work out how to put a pickie in ....on my NEW iPad,  I will...but until then.. Just check Cardy or Kerrys blogs.......We're having a great time.
See ya awl

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Lost.. stitching mojo

Where have I been?
I had a wonderful long weekend with my girls all home (and some boys) and a stay at the farm. Lots of cattle work, new calves  and footy watching.

like my new earing?...and yes its in the wrong ear!

waiting for some action

the sunset

the moonrise
 Then down to Sydney for 3 days on the hunt for light fittings and ceiling fans. (Actually, catching up with girfriends and clothes shopping!)

I found myself near The Crewel Goblin at Gordon so couldn't resist some more retail therapy and a new X-stitch! .....When you've lost you stitching mojo...start something new!
( if anyone finds my stitching mojo....can they send it back to me please! )

not showing too much...just in case...

iris at my front door.
Till next time
Cheers Floss