Friday, 24 August 2012

I Love Australia!

I have been out of contact for the past 3 days.
We have been in the wilderness of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia.
I cannot describe how wonderful and beautiful it was, so will just put pictures up.

Day 4 - Wednesday 22nd August
Tibooburra to Arkaroola via Cameron Corner.  563 kms

Bore on the Strzelecki Track. Hot water coming out of the ground.
where 3 states meet.

storm in the distance

Dingo fence at Cameron Corner- NSW on the left. The boy is in QLD .
Until the 1980s this fence was 8614kms long

Strzelecki track to the Flinders Ranges SA

Flinders ranges SA

We had to carry petrol.

golf course at Cameron Corner
Not our tyre!... Roundy did 3 of these-(-not all at once!)

Clay pan

Me driving on a clay pan near Cameron Corner- it was only a little donut!

bus going nowhere

Mario brothers
shrek and friends

Sturt Desert Pea

note.. we are still wearing the yellow jersey

 More pictures of Arkaroola to come next time.. I need some sleep
Till next time.. Floss


  1. oh loving the pics............OMG still wearing the yellow jersey........
    looks like more then a little donut with all that dust........

  2. I think you've found a new hobby! It looks amazing.

  3. Wow what amazing photos and looks like you are having the time of your life. Now about that donut .... xxxx

  4. So much you want to come back????

  5. this is amazing, i am loving seeing your pics and reading your posts....looks like you are having a ball.....

    you mad donut woman

  6. Now I didn't know you were the type of girl who knew how to do donuts! LOL. You'll have to give me a lesson.

  7. Woohoo yellow jerseys still!!! Was there any doubt! Love all your pics, keep em coming.

  8. so how did you finish up???
    Survive the last night??
    Oh and you have got to turn of the word verification.......actually i can do that for


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