Monday, 30 July 2012

preparing to trek

I've been a little lost and not visited blog-land lately.
I have been working on several sewing projects though, boring stuff like making costumes for the local theatrical society....For the musical, Oliver.
But also fun stuff, making some quilts for a raffle and auction for the Starlight Children's Foundation.

The Boy and I are heading off in 2 weeks on the Trek 4 Kidz. We have a bash car... (see picture below) and are traveling through Cessnock, Orange, Cobar, Tibooburra, Arkaroola, Wentworth and finish in Griffith one week later! if you are on route..pop out and say Hi!
As part of the Trek we raise money for the Starlight Foundation..which is a great cause... supporting seriously ill children.  (If anyone would like to donate you can do so at the Trek4kidz website.)

I have put together a little raffle and this quilt is 1st prize.  I'm holding a morning tea/ lunch /stitching day on the 10th Aug if anyone would like to'd be welcome.

 My raffle 1st prize... a snowball quilt in Ruby

 The Bash virgins and car 57....( on a practice run)
the finished quilt from the Nundle retreat...  It will be auctioned on Trek!
Wish me luck.....We could end up totally lost! ....(do you think I can stitch and navigate at the same time?)
till next time...floss


  1. lOVE THE CAR!!!!!....fantastic quilts, very generous...have fun..

  2. Lovely quilts, and so generous with your time and talent. Have fun!

  3. Hey got my tickets in the know where I live when I win it..........goodluck in the trek.....hope you raise lots of money.......I don't recommend stitching unless it's brown thread on brown do hope you have some posts from the bash too.....

  4. Oh and both the quilts look fantastic........

  5. The quilts look fabulous...but a bit worried about the concentration span of the navigator! You will have a FABULOUS time!!!!

  6. The car starts now -woohoo!! And you can tell Chooky that I have the winning ticket for that quilt LOL

  7. What a fantastic adventure, we will wave from here when you past Orange ( 1.5 hours away)!!!
    I want some tickets too, please send me some details!!

  8. Great sewing and upcoming Trek. I'm sure you'll have great time lost or not.

  9. Have a great time on the bash, I am sure you will have lots of stories to tell and yes your quilts look great - fantastic quilting there

  10. Have the best time in the Bash. It should be great fun. Good on you for making 2 quilts for the cause.


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