Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Enjoying the ride!

 day's total 530.7 kms

The day started at 5.30 AM (very impressive for me!) with the boy and I on breakfast duty. The temp was -2 and a frost over the cars.

Mt Canobolas was covered in snow and the road closed so a detour sent us to the Pinnacles where some of us climbed to the top for a fantastic view of Orange and the countryside.

 A visit to Cudal school had the children very excited to see Batman and Robyn, (complete with theme music). Harry Potter and Hemone  were there also.

Tullamore Park for a picnic lunch.
 Then a stop at the geographical centre of NSW.

Drinks at the Nymagee pub and on to Cobar for the night

On arriving in town..time sheets go in.. get petrol, check tyres, windscreen, book into accommodation, go to church (drinks from the well equipt bar in the back of the truck). Dinner at 7 with results of the day, D*ck of the day award, auction to raise more money and lots of telling yarns and drinking!
Day 2 saw the boy and I awarded 3rd place!! so exciting for us virgin trekkers.

day's total 623.1 kms

Each day is divided into 6 treks of approx 100kms each. each stage is timed and an average of the times is worked out. Then each car gets points according to how close they were to the average. The idea is to get as lower score as possible..by being average!!

Today the roads were extremely rough with lots of potholes, washouts, floodways, rutts, rocks, causeways, grids, triple cautions!!! double cautions!! etc. There were flat tyres, holes in petrol tanks, a blown up motor (that was yesterday).. and he's back on the road today with a new car purchased in white cliffs today!! (these guys are keen!!)
A mishap with a tree (he.. no doubt will get the gardening award!)
 OH.. and a bit of fun with water crossings!
Our car is going like a champion! 

Speaking of champions.....The boy and I won the YELLOW Jerseys tonight-- That means we are the trek leaders!!!     Just like the tour de france!!!     Can't believe it!!

Today we had drinks at Tilpa Pub

Lunch at White Cliffs school. Visited a friends dug out at White Cliffs.

Saw a tool tree on the side of the road

Called into Milparinka

Then called Tibooburra home for tonight!

Another big day tomorrow... 563kms to Arkaroola

Having an Awesome time!



  1. loving all the pics........OMG you up at 5.30AM are you ok.......can't believe you have the yellow jersey........have a great day..........

  2. You're amazing! Looks like a fantastic adventure.

  3. By the look on your faces, you are having a great time. Love all your photos. Keep out of those potholes!

  4. Looks like great fun! You both looks so happy and ...impressive yellow jersey wearers!

  5. Fantastic photos...congratulations.....how good is White Cliffs!!!!

  6. congrats on the yellow jersey!!! LOL
    You look like you are having a great time - and what cool places you get to see!!

  7. How exciting. So there are some advantages of just being an "Average Joe Blow". Congratulations on the Yellow Jerseys. You both look like you are having a ball. We will be visiting the "Far Cairn" in the middle of NSW next month for a bike rally.

  8. Woohoo on the yellow jerseys!! sounds like you both are having a wonderful adventure!!


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