Monday, 27 August 2012

And the winner is....

DAY 7 - Saturday 25th August 2012
only 547 kms to go!

A beautiful sun rise over the Darling River at Wentworth - houseboats, paddle steamers and pelicans

 A group  photo before we leave-- (a little hard to fit 22 cars into one shot.)--3 missing due to breakdowns!

still wearing yellow!

A stop at Balranald - where the town is a bit obsessed with frogs!
It must be very cold there as the trees and sing posts in the main street had very colourful blankets

cold trees

A really smooth run on the Silver City Highway so able to do a few stitches on my this goes with that paper piecing. That's the only stitching I did ALL week!..... Its a wonder I didn't go into withdrawal!

  The tar road didn't last long and we were back on the dirt with lots of cattle grids.
Signs to Ivanhoe and Hay (the town) flashed by and we ended up at Booligal on the Cobb Highway for a pub lunch... Did I tell you there was only 6 women on this we were a little outnumbered! 

A girlie tractor - I rather thought Id like this one!
Duke of Edinburgh Hotel - Booligal
The sheriff - local of Booligal - (good bash car!) - for sale too!

Booligal supermarket!
Dave's FJ Holden got a little decoration. (I wonder who did that?) Doesn't she look cute in her new eyelashes!
water instead of dust on the side of the road
filling up again! did I say it was one size fits all in the leaders shirt!!

yellow in the paddocks too -- canola

the bat mobile had a flat tyre
The finish line was in Griffith with drinks at the truck and a presentation dinner at the Services Club.
caught up with cousin Rhonda

My raffle was drawn. Winners being Marie and Marion from Muswellbrook and Alec who was on the bash. All very excited about their quilts and decorated cake.
The 3 quilts that were auctioned on the trip raised $380. total

And the outright winner of the trek is.... CAR 57.
Just couldn't believe it! ..How awesome.. just topped off a truly fantastic week with a fun crowd of people and a lot of money raised for the Starlight Children's  Foundation.

No need to wash the car...(I will wash the shirts though!)... we will line up again next year!...

It will be a coast to coast trip. (The east coast - not east to west!)
To top it all of .. I was awarded the .. Virgin trekker who fitted into 'trek life' with ease.!

Thanks to Michelle, Alec, Gordon, Neil, Fatty, Mr and Mrs Sweep for their amazing organizational skills. We certainly had a FAT Time!!

See you all next year.
To my blogging pals...... hope you enjoyed the ride!
Back to stitching next post.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Eat my dust!

DAY 6 - Friday 24th August
Arkaroola S.A. to Wentworth N.S.W
665 kms
Long straight dusty roads...and we are still wearing the yellow! (starting to smell)  You might have noticed they only have one size..3XL!!!
Today we traveled on the south Australian side of the border right down to the Victorian border.

somewhere on the Strezlecki Track

Flinders Ranges in the distance

the road goes on and on....

No stitching going on in here!!

traffic control

Just popped across into Victoria (somewhere) then on to the beautiful river town of Wentworth where the Darling River meets the Murray River.
 Lunch stop was at Yunta where the service station gave us a cap and mug for being leaders--- we had to buy them back that night....anything to raise money!

lunch stop at Yunta S.A.

Darling River at Wentworth NSW
The adventure ends tomorrow...
see you then

Saturday, 25 August 2012

It just gets better

Just when you think this trip can't get any better....

DAY 5 - Rest day - Thursday 23rd August
ARKAROOLA Wilderness sanctuary - Flinders Ranges, South Australia.

A geologists paradise! - I'm no geologist but this place is amazing.
Lucky to get the ONLY chopper ride of the day, as the winds got up to over 70ks an hour it got grounded.
Even our room was number 57.... same as the car.. is that an omen?

 You just can't wipe the smile off my face!

 A little walk in the wild.. nice to be out of the car.. which is finding more rattles than a millionaires baby!

wild hops

love the Sturts desert pea

 Stubbs waterhole... The boy is the little blue dot near the water

 The boys might like their old cars...but how beautiful is this?....

 The story back soon

Friday, 24 August 2012

I Love Australia!

I have been out of contact for the past 3 days.
We have been in the wilderness of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia.
I cannot describe how wonderful and beautiful it was, so will just put pictures up.

Day 4 - Wednesday 22nd August
Tibooburra to Arkaroola via Cameron Corner.  563 kms

Bore on the Strzelecki Track. Hot water coming out of the ground.
where 3 states meet.

storm in the distance

Dingo fence at Cameron Corner- NSW on the left. The boy is in QLD .
Until the 1980s this fence was 8614kms long

Strzelecki track to the Flinders Ranges SA

Flinders ranges SA

We had to carry petrol.

golf course at Cameron Corner
Not our tyre!... Roundy did 3 of these-(-not all at once!)

Clay pan

Me driving on a clay pan near Cameron Corner- it was only a little donut!

bus going nowhere

Mario brothers
shrek and friends

Sturt Desert Pea

note.. we are still wearing the yellow jersey

 More pictures of Arkaroola to come next time.. I need some sleep
Till next time.. Floss