Monday, 26 November 2012

On the road again

I'm having a few technical problems here...therefore my lack of blog posts.
laptop has died...iPad didn't have wireless access here.
Can't get the photos off my camera..
oh this techno world is getting all a little too much for my old brain.

I joined in on a fabulous day in Bathurst on Saturday...meeting up with 12 bloggers and one little chicken who likes to invade someone else's blog and do amusing posts about the frenzy of women shopping at Hatched and Patched. (With the reporter Mat Terial reporting from the scene)

We took over a room at a lovely cafe..Chai Wallah, and had a beautiful lunch with lots of chatter, laughter, show and tell, and a little stitching.
Even a 'make it, bake it, fake it swap' which was fun. I received a lovely little pouch from Kate wrapped beautifully in patchwork paper and ric rac.

thanks to Chooky and Khrissy for their organisation was such a fun day and so nice to meet my online friends....such a lovely group.

I took lots of pickies but unfortunately can't get them from my camera till I get only have these 2

baby chicken so cute!

I'm still on the road...staying at Cowra at present. Just finishing painting and tiding up my parents house to finally sell. ...and it's been hot! (the weather)!

Today I'm doing a road trip to Temora with my brother to visit my dear Uncle Ken. He is in his 90's an as sharp as a tack!

Not much stitching getting done...but I did finish the secret Santa and it is on its way to whoever it is going to.....

Till next time

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  1. you are a busy travels

  2. It was a great day Lea...the show and tell was amazing.....perfect company

  3. It was a good day out. Stay cool out there.

  4. your doing ok with the'll get it worked out..........great day Saturday.......have a nice time the "fake it" swap present.........

  5. Great pics of a great day and your parcels all look great :)

  6. Was a lovely day I agree, enjoy your time away and travel safe!

  7. Was great catching up again!

  8. Looks like all you girls had a great day, safe travels


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