Thursday, 1 November 2012

Everything's Big in Texas

Houston Texas, International quilt festival a mecca for quilt lovers world wide.
The planes arrived full of women .....60,000 of them are expected to visit over the next 3 days.
So many like minded people in one place is awesome!

Convention centre is Huge

Mad Aussie women

We survived Halloween ...saw a lot of strange sights...thinking, do they really dress like that?....or.. Are they dressed up?


staying at the Magnolia Hotel..(not the exotic Marigold) with a fabulous view over the city...that goes on for miles...Houston is the 4th largest city in the USA.

A room with a view

Some bought old quilts .....a beautiful crazy patch for Jen

A 1930 / 1940 feed sack ..improved 9 patch ..for Lea

A pickle dish...

Some lovely old quilts...all looking for homes..

To finish with today's squirrel picture....

Cheers Floss

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  1. Yay - you're there! Bet you were all jumping up and down like little school kids LOL

  2. Oh you lucky, lucky much quilty loveliness.

  3. thank goodness you made it there..........have fun.........

  4. Yeah we made it...but boy are we tired....oh well...someone has to do it! xx


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