Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Back to reality

 I'm now back in the real world...washing, cleaning, mowing etc....did I ever go away?... Was it all a dream?
A BIG Thanks to Kerry for all her organisation and hard work in planning a very successful trip.....even the timing of the hurricane was perfect...I had a great time!

I didn't think I'd bought much...
But.. while unpacking my bags...I found lots of little stitching goodies I bought along the way..... I wonder if I will actually do them?

Some New York fabric...A Bag, Quilt or Skirt?

 A beautiful book..French Inspirations for Artful Hands by Bonnie Sullivan & Kathy Schmitz...two lovely ladies we did a class with in Portland, Oregon.
Also Kathy's stitchery pattern 'the greatest joy' ....a must have since it has a picture of a squirrel on it......Cardy and I were in Kathy's car when we saw our 1st Squirrel....we  squealed loudly and poor Kathy nearly ran off the road! (you just had to be there!)

 A quilt pattern from Primitive Gatherings...inspired by an antique quilt...using 1"half square triangles in scrappy blues and Tan many little triangles...could be fun!
Also a pattern from the Lancaster Quilt & Textile Museum..A diamond sampler quilt called 'family and friends'..the quilt is believed to have been made around 1860....should be more fun!

A miniature x-stitch...on 40 count silk gauze...Oh the eyesight....What was I thinking?

To use up my stash of fabrics that I will Never use....A Rag Rug!
A small quilt to frame by Lori Smith - I hope!

 Of course the recipe book and scoop to make whoopie pies...after our cooking class at Intercourse in the heart of Amish country.
Some vintage pot holders from the Antique shop in Portland. At least they didn't take up as much room as an antique quilt!
It's just a pity I don't have an oven at the moment ....

A tea towel from New you think I have kitchens on my mind?

 Some fabric from Intercourse, Pennsylvania to make my own Amish quilt 
.....will it ever get done?

I'd better go and play now.....I have to finish some secret sewing before I can start on anything else.
till next time


  1. I was reading your trip whilst I was on my own... what a wonderful time and I'm glad Sandy left you alone!! great shopping... it's amazing what jumps into the suitcase!!

  2. Lovely souvenirs......who cares if they get made or not when they remind you of a wonderful experience.

  3. Your bag must have been somewhat heavier on the way home. Lovely reminders of your trip.

  4. great memories! Did you buy much at the Quilt festival?

  5. So nice to catch up today and all your holiday posts are gorgeous. See you again in Nundle xx

  6. Lots of lovely crafty shopping looks wonderful !!!


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