Thursday, 6 December 2012

back on deck

I'm is now working again..although I lost my hard drive and it had to be replaced...(lost all my photos over the last 12months too)....yes I know....should have been backing up! I just have to set it up again! ....Or find a friend to help me! (look out Wendy!)

A squishy parcel arrived in the post this week from...somewhere oversees. (Where is Norge?)'s my Secret Santa Christmas Swap...and it looks very exciting!

Of course I opened the little parcel straight away and was delighted to find a beautiful heart to hang on my tree.

I hope there is a card in the parcel as it is still a mystery to me as to who it is from.
So thank you to my secret Santa friend. I'm very excited about my pressie.

The present I made went to Nicky in NZ and I had a lovely email from her to say it had arrived.

My baby dog Bella turned 18 today ( that's 126 in dog years). (I've had her at home longer than the kids!) We had a little party with her doggie friends and one rabbit...A fun time was had by all..but all the rabbit wanted to do was eat his hat! Makes a change from all the power cords he's been chomping through lately!

Bella and Alice in 1994..'can we keep her?'

Party girl..Bella, the wonder dog...It's a wonder she's still alive!

Ollie, the ever hungry rabbit....

It's my birthday!

Party food....yum

Darby, Bella, Minty and Ollie

I don't seem to be doing any stitching much for my moto..... 'a stitch a day stops my whole life from unravelling!'
Hopefully I can report on some handy work next time.
Till then


  1. Great post... Bella is doing well - I love her party eats! I thing Norge is Norway????

    1. Spot on Fiona. I have a very distant relative that lives in Norway and "Norge" is on all the stamps on his letters to me.
      What an amazing doggie! A testament to the love and care bestowed over a lifetime.

  2. Thank god I'm not the only person who throws the occasional pet party. I feel so normal now......

  3. i love you heart decoration

    now i don't feel so silly taking cooper for his santa photo

  4. Ohhh loving everyones swap items arriving, Im still stalking the postie heheheh...hope you find some time for some sewing!

  5. How awesome to have a party for your dear Bella.....they all look like they had a great time
    Your ornament is pretty, hope you work out who your partner is!

  6. That is horrible when it happens :) it happened to me and now that reminds me I need to back mine up to hard drive again.
    I went back and got a lot off my blog and Facebook which I was ver pleased about :)


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