Monday, 29 October 2012

A ride in the country

Thursday we arrived in Lancaster County.

The markets in Lancaster were beautiful.....

We were very privileged to be the Last group to tour the quilt museum as it has closed down.
I'm in love with all things Amish now.....can feel a new quilt coming on......

Saturday was spent at the quaint little town of Intercourse, Pennsylvania. The heart of Amish country.

Lots of quilts and crafty shops, so there was a boost to the economy from a small Aussie contingent.

It was fabulous to see the Amish driving in their buggies, riding on their scooters and working their farms with horse teams......They don't like having their photos this is a graven we had to be sneaky to get our pictures.
The girls were a bit obsessed with the clothes had me snapping away!

The afternoon was spent having a cooking class...making whoopee pies....very a large soft Monty Carlo!

-Well thats all for now..I have to stitch.....we have set up the Cottage on the Hill, Washington the lobby of the Omni, Shoreham Hotel

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  1. I would love to visit the Amish areas........the cooking class looks fun.........yummo

  2. wow i am soooo jealous it all looks amazing....
    definitely want a lesson on making pies

    take care of yourself and stay safe

  3. oh it all looks so gorgeous!! I would have filled a whole suitcase up from the markets!! LOL
    That is definitely on my Bucket List now!


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