Monday, 22 October 2012

Sleepless in NewYork

I don't know about Seattle... But I can't sleep in New York!
Donna and I are getting a terrible reputation for not waking in the mornings. Tomorrow ( which is now today) we have 2 alarms set and 2 wake up calls!
Explored NY today, on a open top bus. last night went to the Empire State building ( and nearly got Blown away!)
Today (its now 3am) it's Central Park and Brooklyn.
When I work out how to put a pickie in ....on my NEW iPad,  I will...but until then.. Just check Cardy or Kerrys blogs.......We're having a great time.
See ya awl


  1. no wonder you can't wake up in the mornings if your still awake at 3am........come on get a lesson from Loz how to include pics.......have fun with the IPAD........

  2. I'm jealous.....your trip sounds so good. Keep having fun!


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