Monday, 29 October 2012

Let it snow

it's snowing in Washington....but it's too wet to see it! ...I don't know how they know it's snow!

bailed up in a fabulous hotel....Onmi Shoreham...800+ rooms, 3 restaurants, shops, and a awesome lobby......also a generator enforced lay day....but who's complaining? ...
We have stitching..whoopee pies...and good company!

No trains, buses, gov agencies, schools open.....lots of rain ..but the storm will not hit us for a few hours....

We arrived yesterday by train and quickly dashed out to see what we could before Sandy hit.

Walked for miles, from Union Station to Capitol Hill then approx 1 mile past the museums to the Washington Monument, then to The White House....As we passed....police dashed out and blocked off the road...a motorcade of 6 cars exited..but it wasn't Obama...he has about 24 cars when he goes anywhere....still could have been him!! close!

Washington reminds me a lot of Canberra only a Lot bigger!
it is beautiful but soooo different to NY.

to finish...a squirrel cute!

Location:Washington DC


  1. Looks like a the company good? Stay safe!

  2. enjoy your forced rest day...........looks like a nice place to spend the day........

  3. Watching the storm on the news here - stay safe girls.

  4. Gee you would want to get on with your travelling companions holed up in the hotel LOL
    It looks lovely there - great photo in front of the White House - but it does look cold!!


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