Sunday, 15 July 2012


Have you ever paid $40 for a dozen eggs??
My sister-in-law and I did.... at the Mudgee field days on Saturday.

We are very egg cited about our purchase and have left them in the hands of an eggxpert who is going to incubate them (surrogate mother hen) for us...... (Maybe Trish would like to look after them!)

Hopefully we will have a family of little chicks soon.
(I don't think 'the boy' is going to rush in and build a chicken tractor yet!)

These very special little eggs were treated like gold on the way home, even wrapped in baby bibs I was putting some applique on.
The babies are supposed to be, 'silver-laced wyandotte' when they hatch.
(I hope this doesn't make Chooky clucky!)

our new babies

farmyard friends

eggs wrapped in baby bibs

precious cargo

the eggs surrogate mother hen - the electric incubator

they go in here!

the trays the eggs will sit in
silver-laced wyandotte -what our babies will look like when they grow up!

Fingers x'ed... I'll keep you posted
till next time


  1. are going to be a mumma!

  2. a post.......can't wait to see if they hatch...........

  3. Hello FFS. That B&W wyandotte is great pattern inspiration for a quilt... clamshells galore!

  4. That's a gorgeous chook, can't wait to see your babies....

  5. Ohh cute chookies, fingers crossed they hatch!

  6. What fun it will be to follow your eggs' progress. So, in this case the egg comes before the chicken. Mick says to make sure they don't get them mixed up with eggs in the can't get feathers out of an omlette.

  7. Oh what fun!!Can't wait to see the chicks...the hen is so pretty!! I stopped by on Chooky's glad to see you in blogland!! Have a great afternoon!!

  8. Grand babies for you soon ??? Can't wait to see what happens.


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