Sunday, 22 July 2012

Adventures in Nundle

This weekend I enjoyed a retreat in Nundle with good company, wine, food, laughs and of course lots of stitching. Unfortunately cardy couldn't be there but she was there in spirit!

 The front gate to Cottage on the Hill

The project
Cardy at the machine
A little drink helps with free motion quilting!
quilting as you go
Cardy and her purchases
A visit to the local cabinet maker / antique shop
wildlife of Nundle
a chandelier and king parrot in a willow tree (?)


  1. FUN, FUN, FUN...good to see Cardy hard at work there ha ha!!! MmmmmnI'm envious of laughs...Sounds like a fab time!

  2. I heard that Cardy couldn't make it :) So nice to see she DID have a great time. Love your project xx

  3. It sounds like you had a fabulous time in beautiful Nundle. Can't wait to see your finished project - love the colours. Funnily, we saw a king parrot in our yard on Saturday, the first we have seen in the 15 years we have been out here. They are such a colourful bird.

  4. Im loving your colours too..and you got a lot done too!! Am surprised with the company and grog lol
    Loving Miss Cardy!!!

  5. LOL....fantastic photos...Cardy is a your quilt is amazing....

  6. Gee you were quick with your blog post - well done!! Thanks for the lift...I hope I didn't talk your ear off LOL

  7. Thanks for visiting me again, loved having you all here, feels like you are all family. Your quilt was looking fabulous and the quilting was great - well done

  8. That Cardygirl is amazing...even having fun in spirit! Wish I was really there!

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend......lots of laughs as you say, and some mighty fun with that Cardy!!!....and that Peg and Dale duo at it fun post, Fairy Floss, just like our whole, and the quilts we worked on are pretty amazing too, Kerry giving perfect many sleeps did you count till next year?

  10. so glad I got to spend a wonderful weekend with you at the picks........whats in that coffee mug???

  11. Oh it looks like so much fun. I think Nundle is a little piece of quilters heaven!

  12. it definitely is a little piece of quilters heaven Susan....
    it was a great weekend, great company & great food


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