Tuesday, 5 August 2014

excuses excuses!!

I really have no excuse … time just flies… and I'm slack!

I've been very Busy.. doing workshops and going on retreats..starting lots of new projects and finishing none! ..going to the quilt show….I've also been renovating and painting pergolas, dog sitting…. the list goes on...

The last 2 days I enjoyed a great workshop with Wendy Williams who came to Maitland to teach at Southern Cross Needlework.
I loved working in wool felt.. and started a camel cushion … in memory of my NT experience.

a group effort

I just loved all the yummy bright colours…my next mission is to make the animal quilt for a baby boy due in 9 weeks…..better get moving on that one!!

I've also been to Nundle in the last few weeks to have a Christmas in July workshop with the delightful Bonnie Sullivan.
Working with wool again we made a chatelaine and started a scarf.

Bonnie and Kerry

Bambi was keen to learn

... Cardy came to visit….
Little Miss B liked her Trip around the world

...The Cassilis Quilters girls came for a night and we made rope bags

.. And its back to Nundle this weekend for an annual retreat... just because!
Can"t wait…fun fun fun… and a new project of course!

Till next time


  1. It sounds like you've been busy with some wonderful projects,people and places... With more still to come...

  2. Well you have been busy . i just love that wool felt..love the colours ...

  3. you have been doing so much sewing...........making up for all that farm time earlier in the year when you couldn't do things..........can't wait to see you soon..........2 sleeps.........woohoo..........

  4. So much has been happening......love it all......

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  6. wow Leah all this beautiful work and love you are having so much fun with your friends,enjoy your weekend with chooky.xx

  7. I like your kind of busy! The felt work is gorgeous, the birds are great. Have fun at Nundle........I will be at football :(

  8. I think your first line in this post says it all about a number of us. Life just gets busy some times. I do a lot of blog posts in my head. Actually I'm waiting for the implant - you know - I think therefore I post. Oh dear, just go do the dishes, Cheryl!

  9. Sorry, I also meant to add - I love the felt work. That workshop would have been fun.

  10. OMG your felt creations are gorgeous Lea so bright & cheery. Sounds like you are having lots of fun.

  11. Ohhhh I love the camel cushion, love the bright colours. You have been a very busy gal....looking forward to hearing all about it on the weekend

  12. Such wonderful work. And look like everyone is having fun. My puppy sits at my feet while I sew, but I think she would be on my lap if I let her. :)

  13. Thanks Leah for helping to make the weekend with Bonnie in Nundle so much more fun, with your friendship and great company. And Bambi was a delight!


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