Friday, 6 June 2014

Spoilt Rotten!

A weekend retreat of a different kind found Mr Floss and Me in Central Australia.
We flew to Ayres Rock Resort and within 1/2 hour we were walking around Kata Tjuta (the Olgas)…. drinking champagne at sunset while watching the colours of the desert change on Uluru….then dining at a BBQ beside the famous rock!

Day 2 - a walk around the base of Uluru.... just 10 kilometres!! ...then another 2klms to catch our bus to another sunset viewing.

Day 3 - was my birthday, so.. before sunrise we were on a coach to Kings Canyon. (just a 3 hour drive)
What an Awesome day…walking the rim (only 6 klms this time) after a 500 step climb to the top!!
Another sunset on Uluru…Then dinner at Sails Resort topped off a fantastic day!

Day 4 - A quick walk out to the camel farm and a ride on a camel!… I want one!..I didn't realise how lovely and clever camels are! A baby called Milkshake wanted to suck our fingers. She was so cute!

One of the best things about having a birthday is having secret sewing sisters… and receiving lovely parcels of fabric!!  Thank you so much to those girls for spoiling me with delicious fabrics. (and other yummy treats)

I was sorry to miss the Chook Shed's birthday celebrations but I did manage some stitching on the plane and coach… It's amazing what we will do to get our stitching fix.
The only  souvenir  I bought was some aboriginal print fabric!!… I was pretty impressed to find fabric in the desert!!

I just don't know how I will top this birthday next year!!

Till next time
Cheers Floss


  1. wow look wonderful.........was thinking of you on your birthday but knew you were away...........looks like it was wonderful anyway.......great scenery.....glad you fitted a little bit of sewing in...............

    happy birthday and enjoy those fabrics............

  2. Happy Birthday ...just sounds wonderful....

  3. Spoilt....and deservedly so! Looks like you had some wonderful experiences (and without pre-booking!). Lots of room for cake and dessert after all that walking.

  4. What an awesome way to spend a birthday.....great photos...glad you had such a nice time..

  5. What a Great Birthday Present...Fabulous photos ...Happy Belated Birthday.

  6. What a fantastic Birthday present for a fantastic lady....How cute are you gluing hexi's on the that's dedication....Hugs Kate x

  7. Yep! It certainly will be hard to beat this birthday. What a fantastic few days you had, and plenty of exercise so that you could enjoy all that lovely food. I thought after feeding all your calves you wouldn't want to feed any more animals, but the young camel is super cute. Have fun with all of your new fabrics.

  8. Happy Birthday. It is an absolutely amazing place. Love the photos.

  9. What a great birthday celebration, I hope I got you the right fabrics....I think I got the wrong ones😳
    I love myn thank you very much... Now just need to work out where to start

  10. hand stitching is the best to take with you and do where ever isn't it?

  11. Sounds like at fantastic trip. Glad you were so spoilt. That stair case to Kings Canyon is a real heart starter isn't it?


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