Saturday, 30 August 2014

Hugging trees!

Trek 4 kidz
Day 6 - Friday 29th August

Cabulture to Tenterfield
Day's total 507.7km

Each day starts with a bacon and egg brekkie in a park …Members of the Lions Club have come on board this year to cook for us.. they have been fantastic!… I think they must do BBQ training or something!!

We do 6 treks a day…usually about 50 to 100 kms long
The cars get timed out at a control point at the start and timed in at the end of each trek.
The average time is calculated for the group over each trek.
If your time comes in on average, you get 0 points…if your time is closest to the average either faster or slower, you get 1 point and so on to a maximum of 5 points.

Unfortunately Mr Rally Driver is not listening to Nav Girl.. and will not slow down!!
There will be no yellow shirt for this little team this year!!


Every stop there is someone under a car doing repairs… gearboxes, diffs, tailshafts, balljoints, starter motors, radiators, axle, a whole motor, the wiring in the FJ, have all been replaced or repaired on this trip!!
The team effort is incredible …everyone (mechanically minded).. just gets in and helps!

Today's treks found us heading towards the Glasshouse Mountains passing through small out of the way towns in QLD…Kilcoy, Esk, Sommerset Dam, Crows Nest, Perseverance Dam, Ravensbourne,  Helidon, Grantham, Laidley, Rosevale, Aratula  (lots of beautiful veggie growing country)
Then back into NSW and Old Koreelah, Legume, Liston and finally Tenterfield
All places I have never heard of…(except Tenterfield!)

Trek 3-- Some winding mountain tracks….
Whoops….Thank you tree!!… there was a huge drop on the other side of that tree!!

Poor Mint Patti…has a bent nose.. thank goodness she has a bullbar!
   Leaving Heildon after lunch

found a Yowie..(somewhere)

The Famous Tenterfield Saddler ...
Tenterfield P.O.

Farmer John… alias Batman…lost his hair and eyebrows, raising $1250.00!!… Huge effort!
Wait till his wife sees him!!

stay tuned for episode 7
Nav Girl

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