Sunday, 2 March 2014

where did February go?

Just had a wonderful weekend with stitching buddies at Two Rivers Winery in Denman, Hunter Valley…. Lots of stitching, laughter, bubbles and yummy food.

Lea, Kylie, Cardy and Karen
Rain Rain Rain! ... fantastic
 I worked on my 9 patch swap quilt.

Kylie worked on her BOM
                                         Cardy's wedding ring got another row

Just loving Cardy's circle game…nearly finished

Raelee working on her Violet quilt

a birthday present from Cardy..just love it… so does my tea pot!

It is so good to be back in civilisation for a few days and having friends to chat too… but I will be heading bush again tomorrow….. Back to look after my cows.

I don't get good internet coverage at the farm…so thats why you might think I have disappeared from the bloggersphere. (and I have!!)

Just to fill you in on what I have been doing.
Our farm is Very Dry.. and we need to feed the cattle.
 We have been buying loads of wheaten stubble
 And loads of sorghum stubble

Also pellets…7 ton of pellets!!
 I have to bag the pellets and take them out to the cows.

 I have 63 little calfs to feed…they eat calf pellets and hay….they are very well behaved

 To get the hay on the truck I have to use the car on one side of the truck…a ramp on the other side, with a strap under the roll of hay...
 I then attach the rope to the tow ball of the car and drive the car… very slowly away till the hay rolls up onto the truck..
 I then manoeuvre the roll around to the back of the tray and then put another roll up. (doesn't always work!)

I then take it out to the hungry cows… And have to roll it off!

 This has taken over my stitching time… But Girls Day In The Country is on in Nundle in 2 weeks and I can't wait!!
Looking forward to catching up at GDITC
Till next time


  1. Lovely to see you too...stay safe with the cows!

  2. glad you found some stitching time............look after those cows and I will see you soon..........11 sleeps Peg said til GDITC...........hope you get some rain soon.............feeding is relentless.................

  3. oh and always fun and games trying to move big bales without a tractor...........if I will lotto i'll buy one for each of us...............

  4. lovely to spend some time together... so dry and tough for you all on the farms and am thinking of everyone....

  5. you must be keeping fit with all the rolling of hay and bagging of pellets careful out there! Your weekend sounds perfect!

  6. Looks like a lovely weekend, looking forward to joining you next time! The girls are working on some gorgeous projects, and your nine patch looks great. I have gone with a darker background too. You won't be needing any gym sessions while you're at the farm, looks like hard work.

  7. Lovely post full of news and pic's. Not so good about all your hard work... but a fun weekend spent away from it with friends. See you soon in Nundle ! :)

  8. All great pics of a great weekend. Sad that you are having to buy feed in :(

  9. Oh my goodness, that is quite a job to get your bales loaded! Hoping lots of rain will come your way soon.... take care, Nicky x


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