Tuesday, 7 January 2014

still here!!

Gosh 2014 already!!

I packed up the Christmas decorations today and thought… Why?…in the blink of an eye it will be Christmas again!

I've been in and out of cyber space… one minute I can connect… the next I can't .. therefore I appear to have disappeared .. but I'm still here!…. sometimes

I have been hiding at our farm… very Hot and dry and trying to get hay to feed our stock.
One nosey horse called Ben… looking for a cup of tea!

Sunset…Mum and the kids!

The sport and rec camp!… At least we have water and palm trees!!

Who needs a gym?


At least I've been working on a few projects…… Baskets…. It's starting to look like a bit of an addiction!…. and each one is getting bigger

And a quilt for a new little bub called Jimmy.
Its a Jen Kingwell design… just so cute with elephants and different coloured quilting stitches in pearle 5 thread. …(just have to do the binding)   It really is a lot brighter in real life!

 A book to go with the quilt… Its about a patchwork elephant called Elmer…such a cute story by David McKee

Another gift for a new baby,..called Margot ( as if you couldn't guess!)
Its a towel with her name on it!.. just need to do the stitching around the letters and its done!
Heres cheers to a productive new year!
till next time


  1. lots has been happening lea,you have been very busy.xx

  2. Wow Lea! Busy as! It's looking very dry in your neck of the woods. Hope the stock have plenty of feed.

  3. It's always busy on the farm!! Love the baskets and that elephant quilt is gorgeous!

  4. Things are busy at your place.....Great sport and rec camp....and those baskets are just love....very cute quilt....

  5. You've been a very busy girl!! Love all your farming pics, boy it is just so dry.... those baskets are incredible, nothing wrong with that kind of addiction! You have some lucky little babies in your life too, such beautiful gifts.

  6. You've certainly been busy. Love your stitching. The quilt is gorgeous and I'm sure will be treasured. It must be hard trying to look after the stock when you aren't there all the time. At least you were able to take some time out and relax.

  7. You've been busy I love it all. I will have to get busy . Just spent 2 days cleaning and packing up Christmas .... Time for me to play. You have inspired me

  8. Sounds like the perfect escape......provided they don't put you to work. The baskets look amazing, and the baby quilt is looking very cute.

  9. Your quilt and towel look lovely! Elephants are REALLY cute.

  10. the baskets are looking great, i still want to do a workshop day to make one….

    the quits are gorgeous so pretty. the farm looks very busy but lovely

  11. the picture is so much nicer at your place now..............


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