Monday, 24 March 2014

OH Happy Day!

It raining its pouring… Lea is stitching by the fire!
(well after she fed the soggy wet calves)

50ml of rain today…YAY

Sorry I didn't take a stitching photo, but I did have a lovely day stitching while the rain came tumbling down and the dams started to fill with water. 
Then I drove 2 hours north to Inverell for a work day tomorrow. Thats why I have internet access tonight and I can catch up with blogland.

A sorgham crop on my way to Inverell…I just had to stop and get a photo of the colour!

for some unknown reason … maybe my lack of computer skills.. I can't upload photos of Nundle last will give it another go in another post.
see you then!
cheers Floss


  1. Have fun with your workshop Lea,and glad you got some rain.xx

  2. Great photo of the sorghum. Glad to hear you're getting some of the rain.

  3. Yay, it rained!! Very good news, and even better that it earned a days stitching for you too...

  4. the rain is so exciting...we had a bit start last night.... it really brightens up the spirit...

  5. So glad you're getting some rain AND some stitching done. Sounds like a win-win to me.

  6. That is the best news. You look just a tad happy. A day stitching inside was a bonus too.


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