Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Trees of the Christmas kind

Muswellbrook's branch of the Red Cross hold a Christmas tree display every 2 years.
Local groups and individuals enter a tree or wreath.
Friday night was the announcement of the winners, and our embroiderer's  group wreath was placed 2nd!!  YaY!
I love this display as it is a great community event and the trees are usually "outside the square".

 The winner of the wreath section.. Georgia.
  Suffolk puffs and buttons... just beautiful

The Embroiderer's wreath.....and another blogger,  Raelee
                                    The Pre School tree- 1st place

 Sponsor's choice winner ..Sth Muswellbrook School
  With Julie  ..(still no blog)!

Thimblestitch came to visit on Friday. I didn't get the camera out!!  But we had a lovely day of stitching, shopping and lunch!
It was suggested by 'the queen of zipper pouches' that I use this material to cover a footstool I found at an op shop....( I was going to make a zipper pouch!)... so here it is... I was so impressed.. I covered a chair as well!!

till next time
I hope your tree is up!


  1. wow how good does your chair look,well done,and looks like you have been having lots of fun,thankyou for sharing.xx

  2. I knew I should have stayed to see the trees, but the little petals needed me at home. Your covering is sensational, it turned out so well. Good idea to do the chair instead of searching for the other footstool.

  3. Here I am again....just wanted to say again how great the chair and footstool look. What's next?

  4. Love the trees and wreaths....the chair and footstool look great!

  5. so cute...........well done with the reupholstering...............

  6. You're a clever little Fairyfloss! The stool and chair look great!
    Fun sharing this event with friends too! :)

  7. Well Thimblestitch did have a good idea, they look great. I always think she is so good with colour. Good job of covering. What an amazing display of creativity with the trees and wreaths.

  8. It was so nice to catch up with you at the Christmas tree display. Great footstool and chair. Very clever.

  9. congrats on 2nd place and i love your chair, wonder if susan would help me choose fabrics for the cushions for my new lounge….i am still procrastinating


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