Tuesday, 10 December 2013

SSCS delivered

I am so excited to receive my SSCS parcel from Norway!!... I Love Norway! (on the bucket list... I'll get there one day)
I don't know who its from yet... But I know it will be lovely!

 Little parcels to open on the lead up to Christmas....like advent parcels!

This is the ornament I got to open already.... its just so gorgeous!
 .... the tree is going up today! (its on the to do list!)

Thank you so much to my swap partner ....and to those great little Christmas elves Chooky and Googie girl for organising this amazing swap!...
Its just so lovely to receive a gift from a secret sewing friend on the other side of the world.

Enjoy your day....I'm going to be wrapped in tinsel and lights.
till next time


  1. how exciting Leah,love you Norwegian heart.xx

  2. excellent news your SSCS has landed...............

  3. We could go to Norway together, it's on my must do list too. It's a gorgeous decoration from your secretive partner. Enjoy decorating.

  4. How fun.... lovely ornament....It is so great gettign a parcel from another country isn't it...
    PS...I'm in on the Norway trip too!

  5. I love your decoration ..good luck with the tree

  6. What an exciting concept. Enjoy it. :)


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