Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Last post was all about retreats...this theme continues with reunions!

I'm currently working away from home and last night went out to dinner with my old flatmate from college days.
Then a total surprise old school friend of mine joined us!
I hadn't seen or heard about Bev for 37 years... I didn't even know she lived here!
Lyn knows Bev through playing hockey.....and organised the surprise when she discovered we went to school together in Cowra.
Needless to say... it ended up a very late night filled with tears of laughter as we reminisced about the good 'ol days.. and caught up on all the happenings in between.

It amazes me how people can connect after so many years and it feels like only yesterday when we were at college or school together....
 (I didn't get a photo... but I'm sure it won't be 37 years till we meet again!)

When I was in America last year, with Kerry's Needle and thread tour....a man asked me if we were a group of Ya Ya's.... not knowing the term...I was unsure!  Then I found a plate with the explanation ....

Ya Ya's.....a group of 3 or more women whose hearts and souls are united by laughter and tears shared through the glorious journey of life.


Recently that little group of Kerry's got together again for a stitching weekend in Nundle at The Cottage on the Hill.
What a lovely weekend of catching up and reminiscences of a wonderful holiday shared.

 We each worked on projects we bought in the USA.

 I cut little triangles for get 1/2 a block sewn together...only to find one corner was wrong!!!
It was wrong in the diagram on the pattern... so it wasn't because I had too much to drink!!
Oh well least a lot of preparation was done!

I thought I'd share this gorgeous picture of a little girl checking her doll's teeth.
The dolls name is Darling. ...I just love my job when I have little clients like this!!

Just how cute is that?

Till next time


  1. what a nice is funny how sometimes you just pick up exactly where you left off.........

  2. It's so good to catch up with people from the old days, who remember the younger version of you. I love you're new project, it looks like a long term one....great background fabric. Darling and her owner are very cute.

  3. look out she after your job.... Its great you got to meet with your travel buddies. This quilting thing really has a lot of advantages....

  4. is nt it great to catch up with old friends and new

    ohh your block looks interesting…

    when are you coming to Newcastle….desperate for a catch up


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