Monday, 2 September 2013

extreme needle turn appliqué !

Back in April this year, I attended a lecture at ADFAS Scone (Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society)

The speaker, Jennifer Bowker was amazing... (herself an international quilter)

The title was "The Tentmakers of Old Cairo"

Jenny lived in Cairo for 4 years and worked closely with the Egyptian Tentmakers - men who do superb fine appliqué' panels which were originally used for lining tents.

The art is dying and the Tentmaker's Street which had 247 skilled masters in 1979 is now down to 45. Collections are not held anywhere in Egypt yet the work is stunning and beautiful.

Jenny has taken exhibitions to Australia, France and Spain to highlight this historic hand-made art of the tentmakers.

 An exhibition of older and historical work is being held in Wagga Wagga at present ...
26th August to 12th September 2013 at the Charles Sturt University Campus .. (HR Gallop Gallery)

There will also be an exhibition at the Embassy of Egypt in Canberra ...
28th and 29th September 2013... Two Egyptian Tentmakers will be demonstrating their work as well as an exhibit of part of Jenny Bowker's collection.
Both exhibitions are free.

Unfortunately, I am unable to get to either of these exhibitions, but maybe some one in blogland will be able to.
I saw some of Jenny's collection when she was in Scone and the patterns and colours of these panels are just wonderful! (The patterns are created by folding paper and cutting pieces away!)

Truely  amazing work!

till next time
keep stitching


  1. Gorgeous... too far away for me but these would be fantastic to see...

  2. They really are amazing pieces of art. Have you started yours?

  3. I have heard about these. They look amazing!!

  4. Extreme is an understatement! Wow. Absolutely amazing. I hope that someone does put together some sort of record of these exhibitions. Much worth it.


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