Saturday, 21 September 2013

Cassilis Quilters meet

A little group of 4 gathered for a lovely day of stitching, laughter and friendship at the Plough Inn Cassilis on Friday. Of course, a yummy lunch and plenty of cake too!!
Julie (no blog... yet!)
Lots of Show and Tell......
Susan's beautiful Floral Beauty...

More of Susan's beautiful work

Julie's baby quilt

An attempt at some creative photography along the this a selfee??
 A fabulous canola crop... and a lovely old fixer-uppera in the middle

Kitchen progress....getting excited!!!

Thread catchers are multiplying again... this time for the church spring fair today.

Till next time
happy stitching


  1. What a fabulous day! I 'heard' you went all out to get the perfect picture of the canola/house!! Your kitchen is looking fantastic, exciting times at your place....

  2. Well done to take such nice photos of us all. It was a lovely day on the verandah. The canola just looks amazing. Love your thread catchers.

  3. You have been a busy girl. I am glad you all enjoyed a great day.One day you will come home and that kitchen will be completely finished. Looking good though.

  4. Another wonderful day in heaven.....great photos....nice selfie, gald you had a fantasitc good are those thread catchers...

  5. It sounds like a fantastic day once again. Beautiful work by everyone. I love the photo of the back of the photographers.
    You have every right to be getting excited about your kitchen. I can't wait to see it finished. It's looking great.

  6. Hi Lea....gorgeous pics....good to see you girls all Getting together! Ic would be soooo excited too at a new kitchen coming my way!

  7. what awesome work you ladies do and i am loving your kitchen,have a lovely sunday lea.xx

  8. The kitchen is giving me flashbacks to mine....looks great! You must be thrilled. Glad you had a good day on Friday, love the canola!

  9. Love your kitchen!
    Your idea of a fixerupperer is a bit ambitious! Impressive thought though!
    Love the thread catchers they are very cute.

  10. looks like a great day had by all Lea... Yay!!!

  11. Looks like you had a wonderful time at Cassis , fabulous show and tell....
    Love the canola shots

    Kitchen looks amazing.....

  12. It was a lovely day. Your photos look great! Love the 'selfie'....and your kitchen.

  13. you girls had another great day.........I know exactly where you are for the canola the show and tell.............

    hope the kitchen is finished soon................

  14. Great photos of a lovely day :) love the photos of you trying to get your photo :)


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