Wednesday, 9 January 2013

At last..a sewing day!

Finally finished month 1 of 'the aunts quilt' BOM with Amitie....YAY!
Mind you...they are up to month 4 ....but hey....I can catch up!
One block is needle turn appliqué ..the other a pieced block I did by hand. (still wondering why)
The colour doesn't show up here well..but the fabrics are cute repro prints.

So today I cut out month 2

DD2 was home last week and she is a budding seamstress...she loves vintage and rummaging through my old patterns..(never throw any thing out) and stash of..(should have thrown out back in the eighties) fabrics.....
she found a pattern and a cream silk and decided to make a nightie.
I chose a cotton floral and made one too.
We had a lovely day together...and I remember my mother making the same nightie and brunch coat for me back in the early 70's.

The worst part was that I discovered my big plastic box of fabrics smelt rather musty.
How do you prevent that?......So in the 41 degree heat of yesterday..I washed metres and metres of old least they dried I put out each load, I could bring in the one before!

I was quite amused to see that all these fabrics had small squares missing from one corner.....the result of making a millennium quilt back in 2000 ...and a 21/2" square was taken from every piece of material in my house...the resulting quilt has 2000 different fabrics in it...(I also collected from friends - so not all were hiding here!)...

I'd better get back to my BOM.
Till next time..cheers Floss

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  1. good job ahve you got any more plans to make some more things with all that old fabric.......

  2. The BOM blocks are looking good. Fancy you being a hoarder...would never have guessed!

  3. have you finished the nightie? where's the pics are you holding out on us?

    love the clothes line shot, whats the plans for the fabric?

    i put a bag of lavender in all my boxes of fabrics

  4. Your BOM is looking good. Lovely to have a day sewing with your daughter. I keep little gift soaps in my fabric boxes and it seems to keep that smell away.

  5. The BOM is going to be lovely... I wish my daughters would sew - it would be such fun....

    Like the others I am wondering what you are going to make with your pretty fabrics..


  6. In our house, I have two overflowing ironing baskets, but my fabric is always nicely pressed, and then pressed again when I am about to sew!
    I store camphor in my stash drawers. Not everyone is a fan of the fragrance, but it sure keeps the mustiness out and stops those pesky silverfish and their fabric munching friends.
    By the time the quilt is complete, the fragrance of the camphor is gone.
    My granddaughter loves to sew and has so far made a quilt for herself and her mum got her some panels of babushkas that were made up into little cushions for everyone's Christmas gifts. She's also made some clothes (with help from her mum). Not bad for a seven year old!


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