Monday, 17 December 2012

Deck the Hall

Finally... a little Christmas decorating..... a few old favourites.

                                                                           An Annie Downes Christmas Advent Tree

                                                    I love my reindeer and Swedish doll

 This is an old favourite...Twas the night before Christmas...(me staying up all night madly stitching). I'm not sure who the designer is or where it came from. It was 2003 when I made it.

Mrs Clause is holding a needle and Santa has the cotton reel...cute!

This very special wallhanging....a miniature Baltimore, was made for me for my 50th birthday by a dear friend. It looks like Christmas....but it lives in my hall all year round....I just love it!

A Christine Book design...giant stocking                                              

This is my beautiful new heart decoration, a gift all the way from Norway in the Secret Santa Christmas Swap.

Someone did a little redecorating in my garden...and ate all the heads off my agapanthus. The tall stalks just look so funny with no flowers.....A horse named Ben is to blame I think! ...or it could have been a flower loving Cow.

Well I need to find the Christmas tree now and get some presents to go under it.. ( besides my SSCS parcel - which I cant wait to open!!)

till next time


  1. Lovely decorations...looks really dry where you are...

  2. Love the decorations, especially the large stocking! Merry Christmas, Michelle.

  3. Beautiful selection of decorations. Your poor garden looks dry....naughty Ben, the agapanthus are the only pretty thing in my garden at the moment.

  4. lovely decorations... the giant stocking is wonderful... I hope someone fills it for you! loved the headless ags... haha...

  5. Love all your decos.....and Ben had an early Christmas present....LOL..

  6. gorgeous decorations, they all look fabulous

    what a naughty horse or cow eating your flowers

    do you have a real tree?

  7. You've made some wonderful christmas treasures over the years!

  8. Lots of lovely Chrissy decorations Lea :)

  9. You have some beautiful Christmas creations, your stitching is beautiful... and making me more excited to open that parcel on Christmas morning....

  10. wow lots of lovely decorations......maybe able to find a tree here today........see how we's all tucked up in the cupboard..........

  11. Such lovely chrissy decorations! love your garden view!


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