Monday, 9 February 2015

Bucket list tick

Ni Hao
Guess where I've been over the last week!

Lucky me got whisked away to China for our 30th wedding anniversary.
All places high on my bucket list...and they didn't disappoint!

Forbidden City ..Beijing

The Great Wall...
Even a toboggan ride down to the bottom!


Temple of Heaven ..Beijing

Summer Palace.... Playing on the frozen lake

Terra cotta Warriors.. Xi'an


No stitching getting done .... I prepared a few blocks for the Stitch-a-long project.. And did them all on the plane... Now I have nothing to do on the flight home!!
Wonder where I can find a patchwork shop?

Till next time ..

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  1. How Special Lea....Congratulations to you both xx

  2. Oh wow......what a way to celebrate. Happy anniversary! The toboggan and ice bikes look like a lot of fun. They might have to sedate you for the trip home......what will you do?

  3. such an amazing country to visit............lucky you.............tick!

  4. What a fantastic adventure!!!!

  5. Looks fabulous Lea!!! What a wonderful trip. Quick Google patchwork shops now!!! I'm sure there would be one SOMEWHERE in China. Maybe embroider some roses onto Mr Floss' socks.

  6. It's a wonderful country to travel in isn't it. I loved it too. Xox

  7. Congrats on the anniversary. How about the traffic!! A pretty a,axing place hey, love the pics, nice and cold too

  8. What an amazing place. You will just have to thaw your fingers out now for sewing when you get home. Nice photos.

  9. China,real great,it was 2 years ago


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