Thursday, 15 January 2015

whoops… dropped off the planet! (AGAIN)

How time flies when you don't  do a post!… But I'm back!
I have joined in with Chookyblue's stitch- a-long so if I don't hurry up and post regularly … I'll get kicked off the island!!  lol

There hasn't been a lot of stitching to report on…. But I did have a lovely day recently with a few stitching buddies.
Raelee from wish2stitch had a quilt frame warming…we had to go and admire her fabulous new quilt frame… OH what a frame it is too!!…there will be no stopping her now!!

 I worked on a tablecloth… it is a looong way around.. but I'm getting there… thought I might do some hardanger embroidery on it too.
 I've made a 'sew together bag'.. it was fun!!

 Started  the January project for the stitch-a-long while I waited for an appointment...
 But came to an abrupt halt after having cataract surgery today…. now I'm seeing double.. so I guess I could stitch twice as fast!!

I think I look a bit too happy here….but I do have great expectations that I'll be able to see better than ever when I loose the glamorous  plastic eyepatch!.. well fingers x'ed.
till next time
cheers Floss


  1. Hi Lea you have made some beautiful projects,hope your sight comes back soon,take care xx

  2. You do look very happy, that's promising! You need your sight for the 40 count linen! Love your sew together bag. Looking forward to seeing Raelees new toy tomorrow.

  3. You look far too happy for someone who can't sew at the moment. Glad it all went well. Love your sew together bag.

  4. You look very happy, was that drug induced?..... Lol just kidding you always have a smile on your face.nthecquilt frame looks amazing

  5. I hope your healing goes smoothly and better vision ensues. All your projects look great and your friend's quilting frame is certainly a wonderful piece of equipment.

  6. I'm sure you will be stitching again in no time...with better
    Love Raelee's frame... & the beautiful quilt on it! :)

  7. Wow isn't Raelees quilt frame awesome. I think I'll stick with small projects.
    Love what you've been making and hope the op was a success xxx

  8. Oh Lea I hope your eye gets better soon. Always smiling take care...look forward to hearing more from you..

  9. your to busy having fun...........a fun day with the girls........your sew together bag looks great.........glad the eye went well................

  10. Wow what an awesome quilting frame. Hard anger oh how nice, will be great to see. Hope your eye is going ok


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