Monday, 1 September 2014

more trek action

Thanks to our trek photographer, Hoops who put together a great video of trek action..
(if you blink you will miss us!.. but we are there!!).
He used a remote control helicopter with a go pro mounted under it!..amazing pictures!!
to see a video of trek action.. go to

Till next year ..Nav Girl will sing off.. and go back to stitching


  1. Oh you can sing
    It will be great to have you back stitching... although I did enjoy your trek! :-)

  2. That's so cool! Loved the YouTube footage.

  3. Dear Nav Girl....totally awesome, (but maybe a few of them need some driving lessons...LOL)....and dress up night, how good was that...thanks Lea I enjoyed he

  4. Great YouTube. It sounds like you had another fu adventure. Will you be backing up again?

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  6. What a blast... great pictures. must have been fun when there was no breakdowns


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