Saturday, 27 September 2014

basket mania

Last week, my little stitching class at Finders Keepers had the girls making baskets from rope and fabric scraps…

 The baskets just kept growing….and growing….but I think they all had fun!

This cute little rubbish bin was made by my friend Debbie..

Some awesome placemats… made in a similar way.. but the fabric and rope are plaited

Just a few little baskets I whipped up earlier

 Till next time..keep stitching, Floss


  1. You are such a good teacher, the baskets are all so good and individual. Very handy!

  2. It's really cool to see the baskets in so many colour combinations. They look great....must be the excellent teacher they had. The orange one and the black and white one look really striking.

  3. they are zoo cool i really have to have a go at this..... what was the rope we need again?

  4. so when are you heading west to do a workshop???

  5. Super cute, love the placemats too!

  6. These look amazing - I didn't think a regular machine would handle such stitching - I guess it's all in the technique.


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