Thursday, 8 August 2013

Fun with Angles

After being inspired by Chooky and Sandi making "Cosmo" from the Angles With Ease book by Anka's Treasures.....I just had to get the book and ruler and have a play too.....
(available from Sandi at Shiralee Stitches )
This is my effort... made with Denyse Schmidt fabric.....I just love the retro look of this material.

 But I need to decide what to do with the border....

coloured Or white???

A little road trip on the weekend found me travelling through Bathurst on Monday....
and look who I found... having a little stitching time together.....just wish I could have stayed.
But it was lovely to catch up, have a cuppa and cake!

 It's Deb and Khrissy....Oh, and Pegs little chickens... George and Georgina were hiding in my sewing bag.... I guess they will have to be fostered as Peg and Dale have gone off travelling again.
The girls have been encouraging Elizabeth with her English paper piecing and her table runner is growing into a quilt....looks fantastic!

 July Stitch along project completed....

Next project started.......3/4" strips.....what will it be?

Just love all the wattle out at the moment.....I thought Cootamundra was the Wattle capital.....But Wattle Flat...(near Bathurst)  sure looks amazing at the moment!

Till next time
keep stitching


  1. lovely post lea and the border colour is a hard one as they both look fantastic.xx

  2. The top looks fabulous! Looks like you had fun, and that bag is super pretty!

  3. I would love to see your stash, the angles quilt looks fabulous. Great that you got to visit the girls. I went through Wattle Flat yesterday and it really wasn't hard to see where it gets it's name. The strips look like an interesting project.

  4. First off...I adore the bag you made...birds are my favorite! I like both borders...but the color is best I think...or maybe both? Have a wonderful day!!

  5. Angles look great. I think go for colour with the border. Oh! your bag looks really cute too.

  6. Wow you have powered on with that quilt! Looks great!
    Waiting to see what those strips will become!!

  7. We are heading to Kerry's next weekend, so I am hoping to make one of those lovely quilts as well, it may only ve a table runner.........maybe the coloured border I think...those chicks have been so naughty...stressing me out, I think I was way too old to have the bags..

  8. Thanks for popping in , was great to catch up !!
    What a gorgeous quilt :)

  9. Lovely post Lea....makes me think of Peel where we used to live!

  10. Was soo lovely seeing you again!!!!! Your bag is just gorgeous! I was weak and ordered the angle book and rulers too!

  11. Lovley post Lea. Your Angle quilt is lovely, it has lots of movement in it, and I SO love your SAL bag, it is adorable with that little birdie.

  12. love your version of the cosmo quilt..........great you got to catch up with the girls......

  13. Great work on the Angles quilt Lea. I think I like the coloured border. Mine is finished now just need to take a piccie.


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