Friday, 2 August 2013

Back to Nundle

Last weekend was spent in the beautiful little quilt Mecca of Nundle.
The Cottage on the Hill was all abuzz with lots of laughter and rattling of machines churning through piles of fabric.
Its always fun when Blog friends (and no blog friends) get together!

So much concentration!

the Chookster and Kerry deep in thought! 

Totally engrossed!

Jenny on quilt 2
Googy girl made lots of triangles!
Kerry spoilt us with her wonderful cooking as usual.

Quilts coming together....

 some show and tell.....just a little something whipped up earlier.

King Parrots outside our cabin

When visiting just have to go to Rutters Flat .....
Kevin, is a very creative man who makes the most amazing furniture from old furniture and bits and pieces of anything!
I  couldn't resist this little treasure ..... I love the old piece of lino in the centre, between the 2 mirrors.

I managed to resist this cute cabinet .. even though it had lace inserts and wooden cotton reels for handles!

Till next time
Keep on stitching


  1. Looks like you all had the best time,,,we to in two all the show and tell....

  2. Gee there was a lot of concentrating! Chooky was even holding her mouth the right way....or she could have just been eating another lolly......
    IM glad I didn't go to Ratters Flat, not sure if I would have resisted that cupboard!

  3. gees you could have skipped that all the pics otherwise......another great weekend.........

  4. Looks like a wonderful weekend such lovely quilts being made! Jealous!!!!

  5. Looks great Lea especially now that I can recognise some of the faces!

  6. It was such a cold weekend, perfect for being tucked away sewing with friends. You all made so much progress too.....very diligent. That is rather fancy lino, can you imagine a whole floor of it?

  7. So industrious, all of you!! Looks like lots of fun and lots achieved.

  8. Looks like a great weekend. Can't wait to see where you hang your new treasure.

  9. what a lot of fun you all had Lea and love all the quilts everyone was working on.xx

  10. I had the best weekend . I'll remember not to look so serious next time. There were a lot of times we weren't so serious...LOL

  11. I do like that piece from Ratters Flat

  12. Love all your quilt pics Lea and Raters Flat stuff too


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