Wednesday, 10 July 2013

What's a girl to do?

The Tooth Fairy is back! .... After 2 years of retirement this little tooth fairy has dusted off her wings and gone back to work ... (on a casual basis!)

I've headed up north for a week to help out and now I'm entrenched in a motel room .... surrounded with stitching projects .... but what do I do first?

I have a old x-stitch ... its a family tree ..... plenty of time to work on that one .... I don't have son-in-laws or grandchildren to fill the spaces!...
The last time it was out, was 2010 on a trip to Port Douglas ... So I guess its a long term project.

 I could work on my SAL project for this month ....  I've switched the penguin for a robin.

Then there is my EPP (english paper piecing) project ... Sue Daley's,  'This goes with That' .... It just keeps growing ... great to do on the run.

While I'm all nice and cosy up here in Inverell ... my kitchen at home is non existent, but I finally have a stove (yes it is blue!) .... after 10 months ..... just can't wait to cook a baked dinner .... or bake a cake! 
Hopefully my electrician has connected it!

At least I have polished floorboards and a new ceiling.

Also a finish last week ... It has only taken 12 months to stitch the binding down ..... I think Cardy can beat that!
Its called Wine and Cheese by Open Gate.

Just to finish off .... .Jonquils in my paddock on Monday morning ..... just so cheerful .... and what a brilliant sky!
Till next time
Cheers Floss


  1. So many choices!! I love the robin, looks good, and your Wine and Cheese looks great too. Whatever you choose, I hope you get heaps done.

  2. do a bit on the whole lot..........of and the quilt is 13 months.......i'm sure you had it here for your birthday.........

    goodluck back at'll love it.......need something to fill in your

  3. I agree with Chooky, stitch a little of each. Your tree of life looks beautiful, so intricate. Will be lovely to come home to that new stove.

  4. lovely post,so much happening,i love your new stove.xx

  5. I hop your entrenchment is relaxing and that you enjoy whichever project you choose. Lovely shiny oven.... Will your kitchen be finished when I pop in later this month?

  6. Well at least you have choices....great looking stove...your quilt is gorgeous...enjoy being back at work...

  7. So many lovely projects.... all the best back at work...

  8. Hope you are staying warm too! Great need to get that binding done!!! Love the floors...hopefully the stove has gone in!

  9. So much to choose from...ummm... any ONE of them would be great! You'll see a difference in your kitchen when you return home... and I can almost smell that roast lamb cooking now...

  10. So you went back to work
    When you say you had no really meant NO kitchen!! Can't wait to see what your new kitchen will look like.
    Oh and stitching - are you sure you took enough??

  11. Will you have time to go to work during the day with all those stitching projects to do?? Love the new stove and hope it's all ready to use when you get back..I think I would need some lessons to be able to use it.

  12. ohh I love all your stitching, I would find it hard to start any of them but the Sue Daley this goes with that is calling to me hehehhe ( mines still in its bag awaiting)! Hope you are enjoying your new adventure!
    P.S I love you stove too!!!

  13. Well, you certainly won't be bored when you aren't working. They are all lovely projects. You won't know yourself when your new kitchen is up and running. The stove is gorgeous. I love your jonquils, way ahead of ours and Wine and Cheese looks fantastic.

  14. Wow, you have lots of lovely projects to choose from...have fun in your downtime. Beautiful finish and I love your oven too!!

  15. Love what you've been up too lately Lea

  16. Everything looks great Lea, the quilt is gorgeous,so are the jonquils. I even think the phot should be on a card.


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