Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Found in the Brook

Muswellbrook has a fabric shop!
It's called.... Finder's Keepers

Congratulations to Susan and Karen who opened their new shop on Monday.
Two very lovely (and creative) ladies who I'm sure will make a huge success of their new venture.

The shop is stacked with beautiful giftware and yummy fabrics.
You can find them on facebook too!
(A lot of fabrics are missing in this photo as they were on the counter being cut for me!)

I'm just so excited to have a fabric store in town again and of course had to sample a few fabrics that are going straight into this months SAL project

Till next time


  1. what a gorgeous shop,hope it does well.xx

  2. I saw Finders Keepers on FB, it looks fabulous. Might have to start going that way to Newcastle!

  3. How wonderful for the girls and the Brook!

  4. Ohh a local fabric shop , that's great I hope it does well !!!

  5. OMG how exciting..........no chance of that happening where I am.........

  6. I have been following them on FB - have written the address on a piece of paper and put it in my purse - planning to stop in on the way up to Nundle!! Looks like a gorgeous shop!

  7. What a gorgeous shop. I love the way they have given a fresh modern look to the older style shop. Have fun with your new fabrics.

  8. Beautiful! How exciting to have such pretty things close to home... the fabrics you're using for your bag hexies are SO pretty, love them all...

  9. That's great... I'll stop in on the roadtrip to Nundle in 2014. Thanks for letting us all know about it... and I wish them GooD LuCK! :)


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