Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Beautiful Day!

Wow..what a glorious day!

Do I paint?

I'd love to be in the garden....

Or sit in the garden and stitch...

But unfortunately I have to finish the painting...dam it!
Just thought I'd do a quick post while I waited for the walls to dry and the sun to move off the window so I could do its final coat.

At least I finished this last night...

It's my SAL project for April....Natalie Bird's, Bon Noel wallhanging from her Tis the Season book.
I'm loving being a part of SAL as it motivates me to finish something each month....thanks to Chookyblue for her organization ...she's such a lovely 'ol chook!

IF I finish the painting ....maybe I can stitch.....have to get my 9 patch blocks finished or I might get some eggs thrown at me!!

Well..back to it!
I hope your enjoying your day

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  1. Enjoy the sunshine! Hmmmmm I would have gone with stitching in the garden I think....dislike painting with a passion and am not a good gardener ...so it would have to be stitching!

  2. well done your finish is awesome,love the colours,you have a pretty garden.xx

  3. Yes, it is hard to be indoors doing painting in this weather... love your version of Bon Noel...

  4. Well done on the finish.....is the painting done....or is there more....do love your garden...x

  5. Nice Bon Noel, love the blue in it . Keep on painting it will be nice when finished... Love the garden

  6. hope the painting is done........

  7. yep you better get moving i have the eggs in a catapult aimed your way.....LOL
    love you stitchery it looks great.....


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