Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Anzac Day tribute

In honour of Anzac Day, I'd like to pay tribute to Pt Harry Charles Guy.
Harry served with the 2nd battalion AIF and died at Gallipoli 5th August 1915.  He was 23.

When Harry arrived in Australia from the New Forrest area in England in 1912, he worked as a labourer on a farm owned by Sydney Hubbard at Ardlethan NSW.

Syd and Harry ploughing  1913

When war broke out, Harry enlisted, thinking he would get back to England.
Syd also enlisted and he did get to England where he met and married Harry's sister and after the war bought her to Australia as a war bride. They became my grandparents.
Harry Charles Guy 1915

While sorting out my Dads things, I found a small tin box with old newspaper cuttings, and on the top was a postcard from Egypt, written by Harry to his sisters on Xmas Day 1914. He was expecting to get orders any day to move to the front.



I treasure this letter, and the dear little tin box.
Every Anzac Day I think of Harry ... he is buried at Lone Pine and I would love to go to a service over there one day.

This year I have a connection...  My goddaughter's husband, Able Seaman Dayne Grindley will be playing The Last Post on the bugle at the Dawn Service at Gallipoli .... I am just so proud.

Three sons of Sydney and Caroline enlisted in the 2nd World War.
My Dad in the Army, Uncle Gordon in the Navy and Uncle Bruce in the Airforce.
No longer with us ... but never forgotten ... and always loved.

Lest We Forget


  1. Lest we forget .What special memories you have Lea,thankyou for sharing Harry's story.xx

  2. a special post.......glad you shared it.......

  3. Fantastic to have the story and the little tin box. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. Alovely tribute and items for you to have...

  5. What a lovely post Lea....brought tears to my eyes....Lest We Forget.

  6. Hi Lea. I too have a Lone Pine connection. My great grandfather's older brother Ben was injured in the battle. He lived for a few decades with his injuries and life was pretty darn hard for him.
    I treasure the service that he, his brother George and various other family members have made from the great war onwards.
    Lest we forget. Bless.

  7. Very moving must be so proud of your family....My Boss (who I have worked for since I was 17) his Uncle was in the 'Great Escape' he went to Gallipoli last year and it was so very moving...then later in the year he went to Prague, where a memorial was made for those who were shot in the Great Escape...whenever he speaks of either he is very emotional...I hope you can one day also visit Lone Pine.....xx

  8. Wow what a beautiful little treasure to find. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  9. Beautiful post. What wonderful treasures you have in that box and postcard. It must provide a very tangible connection to your family. Hope you get to visit Lone Pine one day. I imagine it would be a very moving experience.
    I have a weekly link up called Flashback Friday where people can contribute stories from the past. I invite you to visit and add this post xx

  10. Oh Lea...what a wonderful (and sad!) young! I watched the dawn service from Gallipoli yesterday (Mark and Terri were there!) and am always in awe of the bugler playing the last post. You would have been very proud - he did a great job! Fantastic to have the photos and postcard to keep and remind you of a life gone too soon! Lovely post..thanks for sharing.


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