Sunday, 22 March 2015

More friends and fabric fun!

It was that time of year again…Between Christmas and Easter….The annual pilgrimage of mad stitching women (including 34 bloggers)..…made their way to a cute little country town in the New England area of NSW….Its..

Nundle... Girls Day in The Country 2015…. Hosted by Kerry Swain from Cottage on the Hill.

This years tutor was the beautiful Lynette Anderson.

Now..What happens in Nundle .. Stays in Nundle!!.. so I'll just do a photo gallery.. and you can work out the rest!!
The Bloggers!

Jan, Kerry, Miss Jules and Diddles
Oh Look… There's Dory!
paparazzi ?
The project!

Jenny and Chooky

Susan and Deb
Is that Chooky stitching?

Diddles and me

Deb, Diddles and Dragonfly!
Last years completed projects… also Lynette Anderson
Kate wins!!
Kate and Dzintra
Lynette and me!
De and Me
a windy show and tell

The QLD girls, Sandy, De, Teresa, Susan, Two Rivers Sticky and Thimblestitch! Cheers!!
the lovely Jan and Chooky

Breakfast at Mt Misery

The famous Peg and Dale, Anita, Sandy, Susan and Dzintra

sad farewells
Chooky, Googy and a Nundle virgin! (Kristy)

swap gift

bloggers swap gift

Mt Misery Gold mine

Thank you Kerry for bringing us all together…and thanks to Chooky for organising the Bloggers..we certainly didn't starve!

What a great weekend!… bring on 2016!
Till next time Floss


  1. all your photos.....and yep it was AWESOME......thanks Lea xxxxxx

  2. Such a wonderful collection of some great memories, was a fantastic weekend!,

  3. Hi Lea it was so good to see you again , lovely pics of an awesome few days xx

  4. It was fabulous to see you again.... It was a fabulous weekend.....

  5. Fabulous post....fabulous weekend.......Just the best bunch of girls!

  6. looks such fun... I love seeing and readng the different versions and putting faces to names...

  7. Gorgeous photos and a wonderful weekend together.

  8. oh such great pics.............I love seeing what everyone captured............and yes we sure didn't starve......the food was great...........33 bloggers (Jan snuck huge group..........

  9. It was great to see you once again... wish we had more time to catch up though. Lovely pic's & wonderful memories! xox

  10. Looks like a great weekend. Those macarons look amazing!!

  11. Great pics, great weekend


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