Thursday 31 January 2013

A SAL Finish

This is the first time I have joined in on Chookyblue's Stitch-a-long.

January's projects were... an Annie Downes shoe bag and a Natalie Bird thread catcher.

The thread catchers became rather addictive and I ended up making 4

 this is the machine I learned to sew on...I made all Barbie's clothes. My mother bought it when she was a little girl, so she learned to sew on it too.  I love it ...its one of my favourite possessions!

The shoe bags were also a lot of fun and I made 2..but have plans for more..(watch out girls, guess what mum is giving you for your birthdays!)

I'm trying to use fabric from my stash ...this is the year I'm going to make a dent in it!...famous last matter how much fabric you never have the right one!

Just a little anniversary shot...although its a little dark.
We had a wonderful dinner with friends at their place in Manly..
( It was their anniversary also.)
Fabulous food and wines were consumed and a good night was had by all.

Manly beach the day after Australia Day...wet and windy...but still beautiful!

I'm off to start the next project now...another Natalie Bird..out of Red Home.
Its just so good to have someone to stitch-a-long with!
cheers Lea

Thursday 24 January 2013

A New Year Start

 Finally... I have emerged from a huge sewing room clean up.....It just got soooo overwhelming and I couldn't even sew in there!...even Chooky volunteered to come and sort me out!......I was heading for a program of Hoarders!

I started with this.......
And got to this......

 I know... I still have a lot to do...but at least now I have a creative mess...and I produced these little thread catchers...They are part of our Stitch-a-long for January....and they REALLY are addictive!
 My neighbour arrived with these little treats...they are just so could you eat them?....The little purple guy looks sad :(
Have a great Australia Day...
I'm off to the beach at Manly.. and.. its our 28th wedding anniversary, so I'm going to have a good time!
Cheers Lea

Wednesday 9 January 2013

At last..a sewing day!

Finally finished month 1 of 'the aunts quilt' BOM with Amitie....YAY!
Mind you...they are up to month 4 ....but hey....I can catch up!
One block is needle turn appliqué ..the other a pieced block I did by hand. (still wondering why)
The colour doesn't show up here well..but the fabrics are cute repro prints.

So today I cut out month 2

DD2 was home last week and she is a budding seamstress...she loves vintage and rummaging through my old patterns..(never throw any thing out) and stash of..(should have thrown out back in the eighties) fabrics.....
she found a pattern and a cream silk and decided to make a nightie.
I chose a cotton floral and made one too.
We had a lovely day together...and I remember my mother making the same nightie and brunch coat for me back in the early 70's.

The worst part was that I discovered my big plastic box of fabrics smelt rather musty.
How do you prevent that?......So in the 41 degree heat of yesterday..I washed metres and metres of old least they dried I put out each load, I could bring in the one before!

I was quite amused to see that all these fabrics had small squares missing from one corner.....the result of making a millennium quilt back in 2000 ...and a 21/2" square was taken from every piece of material in my house...the resulting quilt has 2000 different fabrics in it...(I also collected from friends - so not all were hiding here!)...

I'd better get back to my BOM.
Till next time..cheers Floss

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