Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Cassilis quilters

The week is flying by and I haven't done a post about our lovely Sunday get together.

Seven adventurous souls, on a cold and frosty morning.. (plus two chooks --Peg and Dale) headed to Cassilis for a day of stitching, chatting and good food at Plough Inn to Cassilis.

We had Raelee, Fiona, Julie, Susan, Janice, Lenore and myself of course!  Unfortunately Kylie couldn't make it this time.

Lenore heard on the bush telegraph that a group of like minded stitching addicts were meeting so she came along. It was lovely to meet her and I'm sure she enjoyed her day.

 Lunch on the lawn was extremely yummy and the sunshine delicious!

 English Paper Piecing seemed to be the order of the day....with Janice doing hexis in french general. 
 I continued on with my This Goes with That .. a Sue Daley BOM
 Julie also paper pieced with her beautiful quilt.

This is Linda, our lovely hostess...trying to hide from the camera.

 Peg and Dale coming along for the ride!
A bit of a hazard ... bareback on a tin horse!....I think its name is Rusty!

Till next time

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

What's a girl to do?

The Tooth Fairy is back! .... After 2 years of retirement this little tooth fairy has dusted off her wings and gone back to work ... (on a casual basis!)

I've headed up north for a week to help out and now I'm entrenched in a motel room .... surrounded with stitching projects .... but what do I do first?

I have a old x-stitch ... its a family tree ..... plenty of time to work on that one .... I don't have son-in-laws or grandchildren to fill the spaces!...
The last time it was out, was 2010 on a trip to Port Douglas ... So I guess its a long term project.

 I could work on my SAL project for this month ....  I've switched the penguin for a robin.

Then there is my EPP (english paper piecing) project ... Sue Daley's,  'This goes with That' .... It just keeps growing ... great to do on the run.

While I'm all nice and cosy up here in Inverell ... my kitchen at home is non existent, but I finally have a stove (yes it is blue!) .... after 10 months ..... just can't wait to cook a baked dinner .... or bake a cake! 
Hopefully my electrician has connected it!

At least I have polished floorboards and a new ceiling.

Also a finish last week ... It has only taken 12 months to stitch the binding down ..... I think Cardy can beat that!
Its called Wine and Cheese by Open Gate.

Just to finish off .... .Jonquils in my paddock on Monday morning ..... just so cheerful .... and what a brilliant sky!
Till next time
Cheers Floss

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Found in the Brook

Muswellbrook has a fabric shop!
It's called.... Finder's Keepers

Congratulations to Susan and Karen who opened their new shop on Monday.
Two very lovely (and creative) ladies who I'm sure will make a huge success of their new venture.

The shop is stacked with beautiful giftware and yummy fabrics.
You can find them on facebook too!
(A lot of fabrics are missing in this photo as they were on the counter being cut for me!)

I'm just so excited to have a fabric store in town again and of course had to sample a few fabrics that are going straight into this months SAL project

Till next time