Tuesday, 7 January 2014

still here!!

Gosh 2014 already!!

I packed up the Christmas decorations today and thought… Why?…in the blink of an eye it will be Christmas again!

I've been in and out of cyber space… one minute I can connect… the next I can't .. therefore I appear to have disappeared .. but I'm still here!…. sometimes

I have been hiding at our farm… very Hot and dry and trying to get hay to feed our stock.
One nosey horse called Ben… looking for a cup of tea!

Sunset…Mum and the kids!

The sport and rec camp!… At least we have water and palm trees!!

Who needs a gym?


At least I've been working on a few projects…… Baskets…. It's starting to look like a bit of an addiction!…. and each one is getting bigger

And a quilt for a new little bub called Jimmy.
Its a Jen Kingwell design… just so cute with elephants and different coloured quilting stitches in pearle 5 thread. …(just have to do the binding)   It really is a lot brighter in real life!

 A book to go with the quilt… Its about a patchwork elephant called Elmer…such a cute story by David McKee

Another gift for a new baby,..called Margot ( as if you couldn't guess!)
Its a towel with her name on it!.. just need to do the stitching around the letters and its done!
Heres cheers to a productive new year!
till next time