Friday, 13 March 2015

Hanging Around

Great excitement in the Aussie camp!
Our boys won the Bronze… and the excitement is just overflowing!
In Valle De Bravo Mexico they are being treated like rock stars!!

The French coming 1st (for the 4th consecutive year) and the Italians 2nd.
The Aussie team.. happy as!

Jonny and Gooey

The last 2 days of competition were cancelled due to the weather gods not playing fair and it was too dangerous to fly.
Which turned out to be a good thing as the boys were getting injured …Gooey (the Mexican pronunciation for Guy) having a suspected cracked rib after his little impromptu landing in a rocky gully, several scrapes and bruises…then having an argument with old barbed wire (left over from the war?) when he went for a walk!
Jonny and Guy being treated by a man named Sue!
Blenky ended up with a broken wrist and facial massage when he did a spectacular landing coming into goal to dodge power lines. Which was an awesome effort considering only 14 out of 80 made it to goal that day and it helped get the Aussies back into their 3rd spot.  
Mexican fans

Body guards?
 Not a bad effort for a boy who taught himself to hang glide 34years ago.. torturing our mother by jumping off whatever hill he could find around Cowra..only went in one comp a year ..always flying an Old kite..being selected for the worlds in 1988 but not going because he was about to become a dad… NOW in his late 50's going to comps...selected for the World Hand Gliding Championships in Mexico…and the team winning a BRONZE medal for Australia!!!
Oh yes ..and ranked 45 in the World!!

I ain't 1/2 proud!
Do you think we could get it in the Olympics?


  1. OMG that is wonderful news.............I was listening to a thing on radio not to long ago as they had the last comp before the championships at Narromine I think...........didn't pay enough attention.........

  2. Definitely! Would beat tennis and synchronised swimming hands down.

  3. That's so awesome Lea!! You should absolutely be proud! Well done to the team.

  4. It's been very exciting watching the teams progress. How fantastic to get a medal! No wonder you're proud.

  5. Awesome.....And so you should be proud....What an amazing achievement xx

  6. How good is that! Anyone would think you are his number one fan.


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