Monday, 26 May 2014

A Proud day

Instead of a block-a-month … I think I'm doing a blog-a-month!!
Its been One month since my last post…whoops!

I've been doing my usual running all over the place… and I'm never home..
Friday I was in Sydney for DD2's Graduation as a Juris Doctor of Law, from Sydney Uni… YAY!!

 Unfortunately Mr Floss was out of the country but we managed to celebrated in style with a big night out in the city ... my 3 girls and childhood bestie, Louise, and 2 of the boyfriends.  
'Vivid' was on… A spectacular display of lights on city buildings and famous icons. 
The city was buzzing…we had such a fabulous night! 

It was a great way to celebrate the end of years of study and the start of a brilliant career! 

If you can get to the city…(Sydney, that is!) ….Vivid is on every night until 9th June

till next time


  1. oh you didn't tell me that's why you went to Sydney............woohoo........congrats a wonderful achievement...............

  2. Well done to DD2. A lot of work will have gone into that. It sounds like you had a wonderful time celebrating.

  3. Congratulations to your daughter. What a proud and exciting day. Looks like a fantastic night of celebrating with your gorgeous girls.

  4. Wow Leah congrats to your daughter,it's a awesome achievement,love the pics.xx

  5. Looks like you celebrated in style!

  6. And so you should be a proud Mummy :)
    Beautiful photos and lovely way to spend your birthday weekend xx

  7. Wow looks amazing, congrats to your daughter what an amazing achievement

  8. Wow I have been a bit slack on blog reading lately sorry, but wow you have been doing some amazing things. Congratulations to your daughter and all the best with her career.


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