Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Nov already?

Gosh!.. where have I been?.. I can't believe its November already !!

I promised you a kitchen reveal...  Before
            Ta Dah...   After
 I haven't moved totally in yet...Lots of things hidden in boxes around the house!... maybe I don't need them.. since I haven't seen them for 6 months!

I had a rather exciting day today...
Susan and Karen from Finders Keepers (our local fabric shop) asked  if I'd teach a class.... (after I finished laughing).. I said why not!.... So today was the day...
I had 6 lovely ladies and we did english paper piecing with hexagons.
They enjoyed their day and they are keen to continue... so I guess they got bitten by the hexie bug !!

The project was a it is without its insert

 They look happy...
 morning tea .... I carried on the hexie theme with these gingerbread biscuits

When I was hunting through my sewing room looking for EPP samples, I found this old piece I started so many years ago that I had cut out templates from cards... and scrap fabrics from dressmaking.. no patchwork shops or laser cut papers in those days. (I think it was the 70's)

I also found this quilt... totally forgotten, and tucked away....I think it is going to come back out now....its so close to being finished... I just love all the fussy cutting.  It started as a Sue Cody pattern, but I think I extended it.

Baby Audrey's quilt is finally finished too...(The colours do look better than the photo..and the little black specks in the centres are bees.)
 I love how paper piecing is so transportable... here it is getting worked on in Samoa.

finally... some farm shots for Chooky
I never get sick of this view... just love it....thats looking towards Narrabri.

This calf has a special nose ring...its a weaning ring and stops her drinking from her mother.
She is one of last years calves.
 Merve the bull ....and no rain clouds.

till next time
keep stitching


  1. Lea well done teaching,those ladies look so happy .Love all your hexies and you live in a beautiful place.xx

  2. oops forgot to say how fantastic your new kitchen is,its gorgeous,happy baking.xx

  3. Wow Lea! Love your kitchen. It is absolutely beautiful.
    I know what you mean about the put away stuff. When we moved from Melbourne to the country, there was a lot of stuff that didn't get unpacked. After quite a few months, I donated it to the kids' primary school for their fund raiser. Never missed any of it. We also did a cupboard tidy up and hubby put a whole heap of stuff out the front of our house, which was snapped up pretty quickly.
    Hexis are such happy little things. I haven't tried paper piecing, but I have made some flowers using the quarter inch seam. I love your finds from the cupboards - fancy forgetting about them!!! :)

  4. How exciting to be in your new kitchen. It is gorgeous. It looks like you had a great time teaching your little class. Clever you to think of hexi biscuits. Lots of lovely show and tell. I love your view, but it sure is dry.

  5. the kitchen looks it.........
    wow you teaching - you will be a wizz at it............

    looks dry at the farm too..........gorgeous view......the nose rings are great - they look funny with them in..........

  6. Teaching, how exciting!!! Love the new kitchen, gorgeous!!

  7. The kitchen looks fantastic, I'm sure you're cooking up a storm! Well done running the class, your students look very happy (and great biscuits too). How do you have such a beautiful almost finished quilt tucked away? Can you bring it tomorrow for show and tell?

  8. I loved the 'trunk show' of your quilts and well done for taking the class.... sounds like it was fun and yummy edible quilty biccies..

  9. Your kitchen is stunning! It matches your house now!! And teaching...wows...good on you...a career change?? Lol

  10. The kitchen looks gorgeous-well done!! And the quilts are beautiful!

  11. Wow Lea what a lovely kitchen! Good on you for doing a class...I can't believe we're into November!

  12. Your kitchen is amazing!! I love it... and I'm sure you do too! You're a bit of a dark horse aren't you, now you can add teaching to your long list of skills, they do all look like they had a great time...
    I hope you get some rain soon, it looks pretty desperate now. Have a lovely week. Nicky x

  13. Love your new Kitchen. It looks amazing. Love the cushion project. It think I could even manage something like that. Lovely farm shots too


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