Friday, 31 May 2013

Cassilis Quilters

What a wonderful day we had in cassilis today...sitting in the sun....catching up with blogging buddies...eating yummy cake and of course doing a stitch or 2!
Lea, Raelee, Kylie and Susan

The towns Guild Hall
inside the Guild Hall catching up on news from 1936

We enjoyed our day so much, we decided to make this the inaugural meeting of the Cassilis Quilters Guild... to be a bi- monthly (is that every 2 months?) event....So why not join us next time....all just have to find Cassilis!

'Plough Inn to Cassilis' was the venue.... a quaint little cafe owned by my sister-in-law,  Linda and  open Friday, Saturday and Sundays.

the Cassilis Pub- unfortunately no longer open

 SAL project for May....finished in the nick of time

Till next time


  1. Love your bag! Looks like you had a fabulous day....Linda's cafe looks wonderful...glad you had fun.

  2. Love your Photo's what a Gorgeous Place to Stitch & Chat Your Bag looks Great.

  3. I love the look of Linda's cafe. And your bag is gorgeous! Michelle

  4. Great bag... how great to spend the day there with friends.. the cafe looks great...

  5. Great photos from a great day out. Thanks!

  6. What a lovely way to spend the day and a lovely venue.

  7. I take it this is the village of Cassillis in New South Wales, and not the Victorian east Gippsland one?
    Very quaint and very peaceful looking!

  8. Perfect way to spend a would be three hours I think for us....sounds tempting...

  9. A lovely day out, great pics!!!! I love your bag, red always makes things soo much nicer hehehehe

  10. What a gorgeous little cafe....perfect for a stitchy meet!!
    Glad you all had a good day - love your bag!!

  11. I love your bag it looks great in red....

    Ohhhh Ohhh can I come next time? Can can I?

  12. I was thinking of your girls together.........looks like a good time.......your bag is great...congrats......

  13. Looks like fun girls an interesting place no doubt. I will have to check the map. Its great bloggers get together.


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