Sunday, 17 March 2013


Not my normal stitching!

An elderly friend, who ran the craft stall at our school fete for many years, has gone into a nursing home.
She is now doing a wonderful job of delegating from her bed, as the fete is on in April.
She has given me 2 jobs....sewing buttons on kitchen towels ( just 17)!!
 ...and doing a football logo on a rug she crocheted before she lost the use of her hands....this is for the I had better get it right!

Saturday night found me at our local show.
There is nothing like a country show...the colours...the smells of horses, cattle, sheep, chooks, dogs, dagwood dogs, fairy floss, BBQ steaks. ...The noises of side show alley, the rodeo, the dogem cars and screams from the wild rides and my favourite the ferris wheel.

The pavilion filled with show entries of needlecraft, photography, art, cakes, flowers, produce etc. Brings back memories of childhood. 
Bring on the Royal Easter Show....I Love it!

bad hair day chook

On Wednesday, 49 of our weaners..(.thats baby calves...just off their mothers)...went off to market.   Here are the mums standing around the truck saying sad...but then again , I think they are saying thank God they have gone.....I'm sick of breastfeeding!

2 happy working dogs!

Till next time...I'm off to Nundle this weekend..


  1. you are going to be very busy,and boy its been awhile since i have been to the show,have fun at nundle,say hello to Peg and Cheryll for me.xx

  2. Good on the old girl for keeping busy...and you for helping her. Fairy Floss was very popular at your show this year. See you Friday!

  3. Helping Maisie...I can imagine she will be delegating with gusto! I missed the show...oh no! Missing you and Tuesday night stitching!

  4. Great Photos Lea, you have been a busy girl. Only 3 more sleeps :)

  5. Good on you for helping out with the fete! a good local show...haven't been to one in a while...there have been several here lately but I haven't made it to any of them.....have a great time in Nundle!

  6. Have a great time in Nundle. I missed the show, thanks for the pics. Did you enter anything?

  7. oooooooo look at all that Fairly Floss LOL! Good on you for helping out Lea!


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