Tuesday, 18 September 2012

a few farewells

 Cardy couldn't leave the 'ol Brook without a farewell craft night, so the old stitching gang got together for some bubbly, a sewing machine cake with a lot of laughs too.
(With very little stitching done!)

Sewing machine cake and pincushion cup cakes
Ever tried cutting a cake with a rotary cutter and ruler?  don't....(its very messy!)

  Craft nights ( an institution for about 21ish years) will definitely not be the same without her and we will miss her heaps.... She always kept us well entertained with stories of her day or coming up with great ideas in the sewing field..... Her vast library of patterns will be missed also! And.... a fabric stash to die for!.. (she always had that little piece of fabric that you needed to complete a project.)
This is just getting all a little too sad for me.....and I know your just going to be down the road (a few 100 klms) ...but I'll miss your happy face dear friend and all those chats we shared almost everyday.
The house is empty and as tired as she felt...she looked extremely happy to be finally heading to a new home and life in Newcastle.....( I'll be down soon to check out my room in the new house too!!)

More farewells this week was RDA ( Riding for the Disabled) where I volunteer 1 day a week. ...I just love my days there..... The joy the kids get from riding the horses is just amazing and their smiles just melt my heart.
 (We close over the summer months when it is too hot to be out riding.)  
Just thought I'd share some photos as I find these kids and adults (even the horses!) absolutely inspirational! 
 riding Patches

a bean bag race-- (the bean bags go in the buckets)

giving Annie an apple--watch the fingers!
Annie is the carriage horse
me and my mate
Sir Arthur riding Arthur
Annie having her nails done.
On a trail ride
This fish fell in the drum of water--so its hanging out to dry!  

till next time.. and Id better get back to some serious stitching!


  1. Sounds like a lovely farewell for Cardy...at least she is not too far away! I miss RDA...we used to have one when in Bathurst and JoJo absolutely loved it there...sadly we don't have one here! Enjoy your visit to Cardy's new place when you get there...and have a celebratory bubbly!

  2. Change is about the only thing we can be sure of. Love the sewing machine cake - I'm sure your group will need some trips to the big smoke now. Lots of happy riders too.

  3. Very exciting for our Cardy....sad for you not to have her there..but I am sure there is going to be lots of trips!!! just love that cake,,,the kids look like they are having a ball...

  4. Missing you too Floss! It is still all a bit surreal and we are pooped to say the least. I will miss craft nights and you all...the stash is just a phone call away!

  5. It is so hard when friends move away.... hopefully there will be a few roadtrips coming up....
    lovely horse and rider pictures


  6. aww... you will miss her!! Fortunately not too far away though. How cute was that cake!

  7. :( do I need to send you a box of tissues........great cake......


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